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1 year AGO

Fnatic Defeats Team Liquid to Win the VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2 EU Title

Valorant is completely new waters for the popular European eSports organization, Fnatic, as their brand new Valorant roster had played only 10 days together before the final of the VCT 2 Challengers 2 yesterday. But the...

Global Esports Introduces Doge Cup to India, Prize Pool Consists of 50,000 Dogecoins

1 year AGO

Cloud9 White Becomes the First-Ever VCT Game Changers Series 1 NA Champions

1 year AGO
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Indian Valorant Players to Go on Auction for the Upcoming Skyesports League 2021

1 year AGO

‘Silenx’ Cast Out of the 100 Thieves Valorant Roster

1 year AGO

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LunarKats Dropped from TSM’s All-Female Valorant Roster

World-famous eSports side, TSM, has chosen to drop out their recent signing, Katherine ‘LunarKats” So, from its all-female Valorant roster, which was formed wi...

1 year AGO

The Ins and Outs of Riot’s Legendary First Person Shooter

The buzz is real. Valorant has changed the face of First-person shooting games since its release, being the go-to free-to-play FPS for gamers around the world ...

1 year AGO

Gen.G Seals Final NA Spot at the “VCT Masters 1” by Defeating NRG

At the end of a long and exciting day of North American Valorant qualification action, only one Masters berth was up for grabs. Two glorious teams were up agai...

1 year AGO

Valorant Introduces “Astra” from Africa, Yet Another Agent with Extraordinary Abilities

The wait for Valorant enthusiasts is over. The long-teased and much-awaited new agent “Astra”, who incidentally hails from the African country of Ghana, is fin...

1 year AGO

Valorant Encourages Non-Male Gamers to Play at the Global Level with Its “VCT Game Changers” Campaign

Popular game developing organization Riot Games has announced an exciting new eSports campaign titled the "VCT Game Changers" campaign, with a view to encourag...

1 year AGO

RyanCentral Reveals New Valorant Updates, New Anime-Inspired Skins to Come into the Gameplay

Popular Valorant and gaming content creator on YouTube, RyanCentral, has revealed an exciting new update on the long-awaited Anime collaboration with the famou...

Anime gun bundle set to appear in Valorant
1 year AGO