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Tekken 7 Road to EVO Japan 2023 India Finale: The Battle for Supremacy

Tekken 7, the iconic fighting game franchise, has always been a major attraction in the world of competitive gaming. With its fast-paced action, unique characters, and deep gameplay mechanics, the game has won the heart...
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10 Iconic Video Games That Turn 10 In 2023

4 weeks AGO
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Like a Dragon: Ishin!: Game Review

1 month AGO

Deliver Us Mars: Game Review

2 months AGO

Top 10 New Game Releases in February 2023 

2 months AGO

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Dead Space: Game Review

The era of the 2000s was one of the most exciting times in the game development sector as companies got innovative in the hopes of finding the next big gaming ...

2 months AGO

5 Trends that will shape the Indian Gaming & Esports Sector In 2023

The Indian gaming and esports sectors are booming, and this growth is bound to skyrocket even more in the years to come. Industry estimates predict that the nu...

2 months AGO

LEC Winter 2023 All You Need to Know: Format, Schedule, Results, Teams

The League of Legends European Championship has been revamped for the 2023 season. LEC fans have a lot to look forward to, especially with three competitive sp...

2 months AGO

One Piece Odyssey: Game Review

For 25 years, One Piece has captured the hearts of anime/manga lovers all over the world. It’s the top-selling manga and longest-running shonen anime of all ti...

2 months AGO

India will send esports teams to the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou

The Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has taken a much-awaited step by including eSports as a part of multi-sport events, which gives the field a muc...

2 months AGO

5 Most Anticipated Esports Tournaments of 2023

We’re two weeks into the new year, and the e-sports calendar for 2023 is starting to take shape. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) to League of Le...

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