Naughty Dog Announces Delay Disrupting the Last of Us Multiplayer Progress


Naughty Dog, the renowned developer behind The Last of Us franchise, is currently facing obstacles in the development of their highly anticipated multiplayer spin-off.

The Last of Us franchise holds a prominent position in PlayStation’s portfolio, with its two critically acclaimed games, commercial success, re-releases, and the upcoming HBO adaptation.

It has been three years since the release of a completely new game in The Last of Us series. During this time, Naughty Dog has been building excitement for their multiplayer-focused spin-off, derived from a discarded mode originally intended for The Last of Us Part II.

After the game’s absence from the recent PlayStation Showcase, Naughty Dog took to social media to announce a delay, stating the need for additional time to refine the game. 

This announcement suggests that the development process is encountering more challenges than expected.

Despite the delay, Naughty Dog assures fans that their dedicated team will continue working on the multiplayer game alongside other ongoing projects, including a brand new single-player experience. They promise to provide further updates in the near future.

Setbacks Hit The Last of Us Multiplayer

Although limited information is available about The Last of Us multiplayer game, Naughty Dog previously shared concept art, highlighting its unique and innovative experience while staying true to their commitment to captivating narratives, memorable characters, and engaging gameplay. Yet many things need to be cleared. 

All in all, the outcome of the multiplayer project remains uncertain. Given the significant investment of four years in terms of time and resources, there is a possibility of cancellation. 

It may require more time to meet Sony’s standards. Additionally, the development of at least one other single-player game by Naughty Dog raises the possibility of reallocating the team’s focus.

Naughty Dog concludes their announcement by expressing deep appreciation for the unwavering support and passion of their incredible community, citing it as a constant source of inspiration.