The E-ISL Season 2 Update: Scores, Schedules, and Standings


The e-ISL, or the Indian Super League, the professional esports league has quickly become the staple of Indian esports. Launched in 2020, some of the country’s top esports athletes battle it out in the popular video game FIFA, for the top spot.


The e-ISL consists of teams from all over India and the league operates on a seasonal basis. With one season already completed, the season began with great fervour. Each team in the sport is made up of a roster of esports athletes who compete for the top spot.

The league is organised into the group stage and followed by the playoffs. Held in a double-elimination format, the top teams for the group stage qualify for the playoffs where they compete to be crowned e-ISL champions of the season.

Match Day 1: February 28, 2023

Matchday 1 of Season 2, saw a showdown with Chennaiyin and Mumbai City. The first match at 7 pm, had Navin Haridoss, MVP of the first season face off against Sakky, the new recruit for Mumbai City. 

As Navin scored the first goal of the game, Sakky stood his ground resulting in a match draw. In the final game of the match, Tikkatown worked hard to bring Chennaiyin back in the game to level the score and face off against Hyderabad for Matchday 2.

The second match of day 1 brought together Bengaluru and NorthEast United to fight for the final spot for day 2. CJ12 opened the show against Saransh Jain with Sagnik finishing the game for Bengaluru at 2-0.

The last match of the first day, saw East Bengal and Jamshedpur close the show with Ben07 and Dekkay going head-to-head, ending the match in a draw. 

Match Day 2: March 1, 2023

Goa and Kerala Blasters started off day 2 with a bang. Securing a comfortable lead against the Kerala Blasters in the first game, Aadizema locked horns with Shubham to emerge as the final winners of the match.

ATK Mohun Bagan and Odisha battled it out in the second match of day 2 with Vicky taking the lead in the first game. To say it was a nail-biting finish would be an understatement as Afnan brought the game home with a 2-1 lead and a whole new set of fans.

The final fixture saw Chennaiyin go up against Hyderabad. Both teams scored a goal each and shared a point at the end of the game. 

Match Day 3: March 11, 2023

In match 7, Goa went up against Jamshedpur and secured a 2-1 victory. SHUBUMBUMTUMTUM secured the first win for Jamshedpur by a 2-1 scoreline over Sakky_8. However, Sakky_8 mounted a comeback and won the series for Goa.

Mumbai City managed a 2-1 victory over Kerala Blasters. NorthEast United managed a straight 3-0 victory over East Bengal. The Highlanders’ saranshjain12 managed to score 5 goals, while his teammate Emaadrox managed to score 4 goals. 

Matchday 4: March 14, 2023 

In the first clash on March 14, Mumbai City won by a 2-0 scoreline over ATK Mohun Bagan. The first match of the series between these two teams ended in a draw. Eventually, the Islanders picked up their momentum and won the remaining two matches. 

In the fixture between Hyderabad and East Bengal, Hyderabad won all the games back-to-back, to take all points home. 

The final match on Matchday 4 took place between Bengaluru and Kerala Blasters. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. The Blasters won the first match of the series, while BFC won the second. The third ended in a draw, hence, the team shared points at the end of the series. 

Matchday 5: March 15, 2023

On Matchday 5, Goa, East Bengal, Mumbai City, and Hyderabad emerged as winners

Goa and Odisha played the first series of the day. The series ended in the favour of Goa as they won by a 2-0 scoreline.

The second series took place between Kerala Blasters and East Bengal. After a series of losses, East Bengal managed to win by a 2-0 scoreline. 

The next match between Mumbai City and Hyderabad ended in a draw, with both teams securing one win each, and registering a draw. 

Matchday 6: March 21, 2023 

Only 2 matches took place on the sixth matchday. The first fixture was between ATK Mohun Bagan vs Chennaiyin, and the second was between Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru. 

In the fixture between ATK Mohun Bagan and Chennaiyin, Chennaiyin registered a straight victory with a 3-0 scoreline. The match ended with 3-2, 4-2, and 3-2 victories over ATK Mohun Bagan.

In the second fixture of Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru, the Karnataka-based team registered a 2-1 victory. Jamshedpur managed to come back in the final match, but to no avail.

Match Day 7: March 22, 2023 

As the athletes made their way to the third week of battle, the competition became tougher. The first match between NorthEast United and Jamshedpur brought the highlanders into the limelight with Emaad putting up a fantastic performance in the last game. He showcased great restraint and control and dominated the last match against Jamshedpur.

The second match of the evening brought the highly anticipated encounter between Goa, who were at the top of the e-ISL table, and Hyderabad. Taking the lead from the first game, V-Sharma served Hyderabad a crushing defeat to end the game with a 2-0 lead against Hyderabad.

The final fixture of the day saw Odisha and Mumbai City playing hardball to make it to the next round. With the first two games ending in a draw, Aditya brought it home for Mumbai City, scoring a 4-2 against Sarvagya and winning the final set with 1-0.

Match Day 8: March 28, 2023 

Moving into Matchweek 4, Day 8 witnessed some top games from the players. Be it CJ12, Saransh, Shubham or Sagnik, the players have worked hard to fight for the top spot this season.

NorthEast United and Hyderabad took to the field during this heated match on the first day. But it was the co-op game that had Saransh and Emaad put them in the winners’ seat, after the first game. Sealing all three games, NorthEast United emerged as the unmistakable winner in this match.

Match 2 of the day, had Jamshedpur and Kerala Blasters clash with the Kerala Blasters, winning by a landslide. Dominating the first game, Lokmanyu set the tone, only for Shubham to bring it home. With 2-0 as the final score, Kerala Blasters have proved to be formidable opponents this season.

Match 3 proved that when it came to Bengaluru and Odisha, the former blew past Odisha’s defence and defeated them in a 3-0 landslide. Scoring 3-0,4-1 and 4-1 in the games, it was clear that Odisha did not stand a chance against Bengaluru’s team of Sagnik and CJ12, whose consistent performances have carved them a reputation, this season. 

Match Day 9: March 29, 2023 

With Matchday 9 just completed, the action didn’t cease to exist. In fact, it was a rivalry as old as time. Match Day 9 was no different and took the viewers on a rollercoaster of time.

As the first match ensued between ATK Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, to say it was a nail-biter would be underwhelming. ATK Mohun Bagan kicked off the show with a 3-0 lead and was quickly humbled in the follow-up game with a 1-3 loss. 

However, they came strong with a stunning scissor shot after which the match flew by in their favour. They ended their time with a 2-1 win over East Bengal and Afnan recorded a stunning 8 goals in the last game.

ATKMB won the Kolkata Derby  

Goa and Chennaiyin locked horns for the final match of the night with Goa coming out on top. Dominating the first match, Goa won the first game 3-0 against Chennaiyin. However, Chennaiyin came back to fight, equalising the score to 2-2 in the second game. Ultimately, tikkatown proved to be no match to Vanshaj who secured the game for team Goa.

Schedule for April

1st AprilATK Mohun Bagan vs Goa7 PM
Chennaiyin vs Odisha 8 PM
Hyderabad vs Bengaluru 9 PM
2nd AprilOdisha vs East Bengal 7 PM
Kerala Blasters vs NorthEast United 8 PM
Bengaluru vs Chennaiyin9 PM
4th AprilEast Bengal vs Mumbai City7 PM
Jamshedpur vs Odisha8 PM
NorthEast United vs ATK Mohun Bagan9 PM
5th AprilKerala Blasters vs Hyderabad 7 PM
Chennaiyin vs East Bengal 8 PM
Mumbai City vs Goa9 PM
18th AprilHyderabad vs Odisha 7 PM
Bengaluru vs Goa8 PM
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Jamshedpur 9 PM
19th AprilChennaiyin vs NorthEast United 7 PM
Mumbai City vs Bengaluru8 PM
Odisha vs Kerala Blasters 9 PM
20th AprilHyderabad vs Jamshedpur 7 PM
Odisha vs NorthEast United 8 PM
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru 9 PM
21st AprilJamshedpur vs Chennaiyin 7 PM
Kerala Blasters vs ATK Mohun Bagan8 PM
NorthEast United vs Mumbai City 9 PM
25th AprilGoa vs East Bengal 7 PM
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Hyderabad 8 PM
Chennaiyin vs Kerala Blasters 9 PM
26th AprilMumbai City vs Jamshedpur7 PM
Goa vs NorthEast United 8 PM
East Bengal vs Bengaluru 9 PM

Where to Watch

Catch all the action and updates on the e-ISL website and the YouTube channels of e-ISL and ISL.