Diablo 4 shines on Steam Deck but not without challenges


We all expected Diablo 4 to be a massive hit, but boy, did it exceed expectations! Well, it shattered records on day one, becoming Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever. 

Of course, Steam Deck owners couldn’t resist joining in on the action. In fact, they are singing praises about how Diablo 4 runs like a dream on their new gaming system. It’s “super well” right out of the box! 

What’s even cooler is that the game supports different types of controls, and many players are saying it feels even better with a controller than with a keyboard and mouse. Setting up the perfect control scheme is a breeze.

But here’s the catch: to get the Battle.net launcher running smoothly, it’s recommended to install the game using Lutris. It’s a small hiccup, but it’s worth mentioning.

Now, let’s talk about some potential deal-breakers. First, the game doesn’t support the Steam Deck’s sleep mode, which means you can’t just pause and pick up where you left off. Secondly, playing offline is a no-go. Diablo 4 thrives on its live-service features, so you’ll need a reliable internet connection to fully enjoy the game.

Some players who’ve delved deeper into the Diablo 4 experience have noticed that it puts the Steam Deck through its paces, especially when encountering other players. Is this just a rare glitch or something most players will face over time? We’ll need more testing to find out, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. 

Diablo 4 hasn’t earned its spot on the list of the greatest RPGs for the Steam Deck just yet, but don’t you worry! Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that it has the potential to claim that spot in the future. The only catch is that it’s not on Steam, so it won’t get an official badge of approval, regardless of how amazingly or disappointingly it performs on the Deck over time.

Sydney Buzzing with Diablo 4 Promotions

But let us tell you, Deck owners have every reason to be thrilled about playing Blizzard’s highly anticipated masterpiece on the go. The game’s release has sent the world into a frenzy, with special Diablo 4 celebrations happening in Sydney and even teaming up with KFC to mark the occasion. It’s a big deal!

Here’s the exciting part: testing Diablo 4 on the Deck won’t take long to reveal if it’s a perfect match for the device or not, even during those intense endgame moments. We’ll soon find out if it’s a true winner.

Remember, Diablo 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So, you can embark on an epic adventure through these platforms straight away without any wait.