Adopting a fearless approach helped me improve my game – Cheteshwar Pujara

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Cheteshwar Pujara revealed the improvement that he adopted after scoring 91 and 61 at Leeds and Oval before he was putting too much pressure on himself.

It wasn’t a change in technique that brought the joy back in Cheteshwar Pujara’s game but the fearless approach in the game which became possible after letting go of the pressure from his game.

Pujara also added that not scoring a hundred in the last three years does not bother him much as long as his 80s and 90s are coming in winning causes.

When asked if the aggressive approach in England Tests helped the intent of his game plan.

“Yes, I feel so. When it comes to performing, the mindset was a little different but when it comes to the technique I don’t think there was a major change in technique. It was just the approach and I was a little fearless which helps,”

Pujara answered the query from PTI ahead of the team’s training session.

He also admitted the fact that he was putting too much pressure on himself earlier which was changed after he scored 91 and 61 at Leeds and Oval in a decent manner.

“You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself and just try and go there and enjoy the game rather than worrying too much about what’s going around. 

“That was the mindset during the England series. So far preparation has been good and experiences of playing in Indian conditions will help in the next couple of Tests,”

the senior batter, who will be a vice captain for the series-opener, said.

Pujara also admitted that he hasn’t scored a hundred since January 2019 and it isn’t a problem for him.

“As far as my hundred is concerned, when it has to happen it will happen. My job is to bat well for the team and it’s not that I haven’t been getting runs. I have got 80s and 90s. As long as I am batting well and contributing to the team, I am not bothered about my hundred. It’s a matter of one inning,”

he made it clear.

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The right-handed batter said that added responsibility does not mean that he will not approach the juniours if they need any help.

“Added responsibility can work in your favor as you can share the experience with youngsters. Even when I am not vice-captain, I try and share my experiences as much as I can and the ultimate focus is about the Indian team.”

Ajinkiya Rahane was out of the form for a couple of innings but Pujara believes that a classy player like Rahane will not stay out of the game for long.

“He is a great player but there are times when a player goes through tough times and that are part of the game. So there will be ups and downs but he is a confident player, one who works very hard on his game and I am very sure and he is just one inning away from getting a big score.

“Once he gets a big hundred, he will be back in form. He has been working hard in the nets and I have been seeing the way he has been batting. He is in good touch.”

The 33-year-old added that adding Rahul Dravid will have a bigger effect on the dressing room and the batters will try to get the better of his defensive technique.

“It will help most of the players, especially young players who have worked with Rahul bhai during U-19 and India A days. Even experienced players like us, I have played with Rahul bhai.

“I have worked with him during A series, so all of us are looking forward to his guidance. The amount of experience he has as a player and coach of the team, helps,”

Pujara said.