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‘Prem is better without it’: Derby’s Rooney criticizes the VAR

Derby’s Rooney
Rooney, the head coach of Derby County, during the online press conference

Recently the former player of Manchester United talked about the VAR problem in England, he feels really skeptical about the realization of this technology saying it breaks the link between players and fans.

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In the previous round of the English Premier League, there were again a series of bizarre decisions by the referees. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was furious when James Maddison’s equalizer was allowed to stand at Leicester in their 3-1 defeat, while Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl was equally angry after his team was on the wrong side of two marginal handball calls in their 2- 1 home defeat against Wolves. Also, a penalty against Leeds was canceled after a foul on Saka, fortunately, it was not the decisive outcome of the decision. Fortunately, it was not a decision that critically affected the result unlike the cases of the teams above.

He had a word in one sports media discussion and this is what he said: 

“Watching the Premier League games, some of the decisions are very frustrating through VAR and you don’t understand how they have got to that decision,”

Rooney said.

He said it’s easier to accept human error when it’s a split decision, as well as it is easier and more common to trust the professionalism of officials in a motion.

“I personally think the game’s better without it. Even though you are frustrated at times after games, we have to rely on the referees to do the job the best they can. Even though you don’t agree with some decisions, we have to let them do the job and respect their views on it.” 

He also said that some moments take all the emotion and passion out of the game leaving players in limbo. Especially when they had a minute to analyze a slow-motion video and still get it wrong:

“It takes the emotion out of the moment. I remember some of the goals I scored when I could have been onside or offside. You take a glance over and see the linesman’s flag is down and you carry on with your celebration. It’s ridiculous that players are waiting around for one minute, two minutes, to see if the goal will stand.

“I saw James Maddison after he scored and he didn’t know whether it was a goal or whether it would be disallowed. It’s the one time the fans feel connected to their club and their player when they are celebrating a goal together. Take that away and you lose that connection players have with fans.”

Rooney ended.

The former England striker has just recently become the manager of a Championship club, Derby County, which is currently experiencing severe financial problems. The club is at the bottom of the table with 31 points after 28 games.

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