Virat Kohli eyes fitness for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia

Virat Kohli is working on his fitness for the 2022 T20 WC

Virat Kohli is struggling with the bat for a long period ago, and he has also stepped down from the captaincy of the national side while Kohli is currently working with the Shanker Basu in the RCB camp towards achieving the fitness targets.

Virat Kohli is continuously struggling with the bat and goes through some trouble face. He has earlier stepped down from the team India’s captaincy but remains an integral part of the leadership group. 

The team India has not won any ICC title since the 2013 champions Trophy while the T20 World Cup later this year provides a great opportunity for the side to win the title. 

Kohli, who is India’s highest run-scorer in T20Is with 3296 runs after Rohit Sharma’s 3313 runs has already started to prepare for the mega event.

He has set some specific goals and is working toward them in the Indian Premier League 2022 while training for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Former Indian cricket team strength and conditioning coach, Shanker Basu, is currently working with him in the RCB camp towards achieving those fitness targets.

“Virat is mainly… we are trying to build muscle mass. We are trying to get that mass. T20 also requires a lot of explosive moves. Force production is a byproduct of T20. It’s a mandatory thing for him to be strong. He is also having the World Cup round the corner. So as a long-distance call as well as a short-distance call, it’s the same,”

Basu, RCB trainer, said in a video posted on the IPL franchise’s YouTube page.

“What excites me is he comes with a child-like enthusiasm even today. What I saw in him when he was 19 or 20, the enthusiasm has not come down even by one percent. I can say it has gone up one percent. The drive and that steely resolve he has got is so inspirational for everyone.”

“Can’t do the same thing over and over again. It has to change. The program generally lasts for one year. Every year, we need to start tweaking. We have to analyze and find out what is required at the moment. It’s like having a GPS route map and going towards it,”

Basu said.

“I can talk about Virat for sure. It’s very simple things, boring things and he can do it consistently for years together. That’s the mantra. Eat well, sleep well, train well and repeat.”