UK PM Boris Johnson raises the issue of family travel in Ashes with Scott Morrison


British PM Boris Johnson highlighted the issue of a travel ban on the families of England players with Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the Ashes tour later this year.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a personal intervention to ensure that the upcoming Ashes series against Australia will proceed as planned later this year. 

Johnson, together with Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, discussed the issue of a travel ban on the families of England’s cricketer. 

Both Prime Minister’s met for dinner on a political visit to Washington DC. Ashes have been one of the most highlighted series and England and Australia have shared great memories from it. 

Some England players have uplift concerns about strict quarantine protocols during the ashes tour in Australia.

“I raised it with Mr. Morrison and he said he was going to do his best for the families. He got the point that for cricketers it is very tough to ask people to be away from their families over Christmas. He merely undertook to come back and see if he could find a solution,”

Johnson was quoted saying.

In response, Morrison said,

“I would love to see the Ashes go ahead, as I shared with Boris last night. But there are no special deals there. I don’t see a great deal of difference in skilled workers or students, who will be able to come to Australia when you reach the vaccination rates.”

Due to Covid-19 issues, Australia has been unwilling to allow the England players with their families. Some of the former England players had suggested that if Australia can’t allow families then this tour should be delayed. 

Otherwise, Australia should allow the England players to come with their families.

International travel is expected to continue when Australia covers 80 percent double vaccination for those over 16.

England pacer, Stuart Broad had released a statement that he would travel to Australia for the upcoming Ashes provided he stays as long as he stays well.

Debates are roaming between England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA) and both the cricket boards are trying to find a settlement in quarantine and living orders during the two-month tour.

The Ashes between Australia and England will begin on December 8 in Brisbane.

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