Availability of English and Australian players not confirmed in IPL 2022 as BCCI finalizes the list

BCCI announces the list of 220 players that will be available for auction at Bangalore on February 12 and 13

Even though BCCI has announced the list of 220 players from 14 different countries but still the availability of foreign players in the upcoming IPL 2022 edition is not known.

Even though BCCI has announced the list of 220 players from 12 different countries who will undergo the auction process on February 12 and 13 at Bangalore but still the availability of foreign players in the upcoming IPL 2022 edition is not known.

Although many foreign players have agreed to be available for the 15th edition of the IPL, which is to be held between March-end and May-end, the exact duration of their participation is not confirmed yet.

“In an ideal scenario, we would have preferred to know the availability with the auction list,” a franchise official revealed after the BCCI communicated to the teams on the final list of players,

on Tuesday (February 1). 

“It helps in planning but there were occasions we were given this crucial the night before the auction.”

It had earlier been reported that some England players could be pulled back in the last week of May, raising the question marks on their availability for the play-offs. The presence of some of the key Australians could also hurt IPL if they are picked for the tour of Pakistan, especially for four white-ball games starting from March 29 and ending April 5.

“The IPL 2022 Player Auction Rules and the availability details of overseas players along with the update on the players who have been reported or banned for suspect bowling action will be sent in due course,”

the BCCI has told the teams.

Quarantine protocols for franchise participants ahead of the auction

Meanwhile, the BCCI has asked the franchises to confirm the names of those who will be present for the auction by Friday (February 4) with a clear note stating that only 10 members can be part of the auction and 8 members can sit at the table. BCCI has however waived off the rules of quarantine, for those turning up in Bangalore unless they are from overseas.

Two negative reports of RT-PCR tests, done in the 72 hours before February noon, should do the work if the person has not traveled overseas in the past. However, the participants from overseas such as coaches and mentors can only participate in the auction only if they had landed in India at least over seven days before the auction and have undergone seven-day quarantine.

Below are the Bio-Safety Protocols shared with the franchises:

  1. All participants attending the auction will have to undergo 2 tests 72 hours before noon on 11th February 2022. These tests are to be preferably done between 8 am to 10 am on 9th February and 10th February, respectively. The report of the tests must be shared with the medical team.
  1. All participants who have returned to India from overseas in the last 15 days, will have to undergo a mandatory seven-day quarantine and after that, they must undergo the COVID RTPCR test on Day 8 and Day 9 and return with 2 negative reports to be eligible to attend the auction.
  1. All participants attending the auction must check-in to the designated hotel on or before noon on 11th February 2022. There will be an RT-PCR test on arrival in the hotel. Participants will need to quarantine in their rooms until the results are received. Testing at the hotel will be conducted by BCCI accredited medical agency.
  1. Participants arriving earlier than 11th February will have to get the test done as per Points 1 and 2 above and they will be tested on 11th February before noon by the BCCI medical agency.
  1.  On the 12th February and 13th, February testing will be organized from 12:00 am to 7:00 am, so that the reports can be obtained before the start of the auction. Once the test is done on 12th and 13th February, the participants will have to be in their rooms till the results are received.
  1. During the auction, all individuals in the auditorium must wear a mask (preferably N95) always covering their nose and mouth.
  1. Details of all participants attending the auction along with their COVID vaccination Certificate/type of vaccine/booster dose (if received any)/history of COVID infection should be shared with BCCI medical team.
  1. Only the participants who have fulfilled all the testing and quarantine criteria as mentioned will be eligible to participate in the auction proceedings from 11th February onwards.