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Inter gets a strong-willed victory in the Milan derby as Ibra was sent off after a heated clash with giant Lukaku. Revealing details of the scandal

Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the match
The moment of conflict between Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the match

Inter and Milan had a heated battle in the Italian Cup quarterfinals. There was enough excitement for many derbies ahead.

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The chronology of the match:

31′: Zlatan scores

Half an hour after the start the Swede took a pass from Meite, turned and shot under the far post right between Kolarov’s legs. He made the maximum out of a difficult moment.

44′: Lukaku starts a brawl

At the end of the first half, Romagnoli fouled Lukaku and Romelu ran to sort things out with the offender. It wasn’t caught on camera, but the Belgian jumped on Ibra as well. 

Watch the whole scuffle:

Both players received yellow cards for the confrontation. The verbal clash continued and Tomori with Barella had to keep the Belgian away from Zlatan to prevent the fight in the tunnel. The situation subsequently returned to calm.

58′: Zlatan gets sent off

Towards the end of the game hour, Ibrahimovic decided to help Diaz and made a foul on Kolarov in the center of the field. As a result, the second yellow was given and Ibra was sent off the pitch.

71′: Inter equalized

Leao in his own penalty area hooked Barella with his foot, Lukaku converted from 11 meters, Belgian charged a mighty shot just under the crossbar. 

Romelu put all his anger in that shot:

90+7′: Eriksen winner

Christian Eriksen became the hero of the match: he came out in the 88th and in the seventh extra minute (10 minutes in total) he banged a free-kick without a chance for Tătaruşanu.

Note that Inter was trying to sell Eriksen or at least trade for Dzeko, but as for now, Conte sees something in the ex-Tottenham midfielder.

“We are working with Eriksen on a tactical level to find an alternative for Brozovic, because we don’t have someone like that in the squad. Christian is a very intelligent lad, he has quality, he’s part of the project and I am happy he scored that goal. I really wanted him to take it, as we all know the quality he has from set plays. He’s very shy, so I hope this goal can shake him up and make him come out of his shell. We all like him, he’s a good lad, perhaps too good! He needs to be more determined.”

thehead coach said.

Conte about the brawl between two attackers: 

“It’s a derby, that’s not a walk in the park. It’s inevitable both teams felt the tension, so we want to dedicate this victory to our fans, especially those who came out to cheer us on in the team bus. We want to share this joy with them.”

Thus, Inter, led by Antonio, advances to the semifinals of the Italian Cup, where they are likely to face Juventus, who have yet to play their match against Spal. Certainly, the removal of Zlatan has hit the team at least in terms of numerical disparity, and the lack of a player in the center of the attack. But even with Ibrahimovic on the pitch, Milan did not look like a clear favorite.

Also, we received some details of the conflict:

Lukaku and Ibra yelled at each other from a distance after a head-to-head clash, promising to continue the conversation off the pitch at half-time.

Zlatan probably said:

“Go do your voodoo crap, you little donkey ”

While the Interista replied:

“Do you want to talk about my mother?”. 

Lukaku was especially flamed up after these words of Ibrahimovic.

An episode that brings to mind the words of Everton owner Moshiri in 2018 when, speaking of the transfer of the Belgian to Manchester United, he said that the mother of the attacker, during a trip to Africa, had advised his son to accept Chelsea because of “something related to voodoo“.

Zlatan told on Twitter that his world has no place for racism after the match: