To me is it the same western arrogance – Michael Holding slams ECB on canceling Pakistan tour


Former West Indian cricketer and a well-known commentator, Michael Holding has slammed the England and Whales Cricket Board (ECB) for pulling out from Pakistan tour.

Former West Indian cricketer and commentator, Michael Holding went through ECB and condemned their decision of pulling out the tour from Pakistan.

England’s men and women teams were scheduled to visit Pakistan for a joint tour in October with the men’s team scheduled to play two T20I’s and the women’s team to play two T20I’s and three ODI’s.

However, the ECB called off the tour last month giving reasons for ‘the mental and physical well-being of our players and support staff.

After being awarded the Cricket Writers’ Club Peter Smith Award, Michael Holding highlighted the fact that England has shown the ‘Western Arrogance’ and also the rubbish behavior of England on Black Lives Matter movement.

“ECB put out a statement and hid behind it. It reminds me of the rubbish they did with BLM [Black Lives Matter]. What that signal sends to me is the same western arrogance. I’ll treat u how I feel like treating you it doesn’t matter what you think I’ll do what I want,”

said Holding.

Pakistan men’s cricket team had traveled to England for three Test matches and three T20I’s, played in a bio-secure bubble environment within the first six months of Covid-19 pandemic when there were no signs of vaccines.

“Pakistan went to England before vaccines were available [in 2020], for six or seven weeks. They stayed there, they played their cricket, they honored what England wanted them to honor, to save England’s butt, to put it mildly,”

he said. 

“ECB had an opportunity to try to repay to a small degree what Pakistan did for them. Their statement doesn’t wash with me. No substance. Nobody wants to come forward and face up to anything because they know what they did was wrong,”

he added.

Holding further said that ECB would never give such treatment to India which probably has the back of the richest cricket board in the world.

“Four days in Pakistan? I’m absolutely sure they [ECB] wouldn’t have done that to India, because India is rich and powerful,”

he concluded.