Sri Lankan cricketers intimidate SLC to retire early over New Grading System

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan international cricket team

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC has been threatened by Sri Lankan cricketers to retire prematurely if the board introduces the grading system which will basically decide their payments. There has been a demand for more transparency from SLC as the basis of the grades which the players will be given.

As per the new system, players will now be  categorised into four different groups based on points which gives priority to levels of fitness, discipline, performance in international and domestic cricket during the last two years, leadership and overall value to the team, reports The Sunday Times.

Players want the board to reveal how the points are being allotted so as to understand the thought process and identify areas that they need to improve upon.

“Each individual player very correctly believes they are entitled to a disclosure on the points allotted which categorised their ranking,” Nishan Sydney Premathiratne, the player representative in the SLC contract negotiations,

told The Sunday Times.

“Transparency would also create unity and harmony. All players are in unison seeking this information. Transparency is paramount so that the players also know how they were assessed and what weaknesses they need to address,”

he added.

At the same time, Ashley De Silva, representative from SLC management committee, said that the contracts were decided after a transparent discussion with the players.

“The contracts have been finalised,”

De Silva told Daily FT.

“The players have appointed a lawyer and they wanted certain amendments to be done in the agreement which our lawyers have done. Now we are in the process of sharing it with the senior players. So far nobody has said that they are not going to sign it.”

“The current team to Bangladesh has gone on a tour agreement and they have been given the new agreement to go through and if anybody wanted to sign it they could. I haven’t got the feedback from the manager because they took off yesterday morning,”

he added.

Sri Lanka will play bangladesh at Dhaka in the first ODI on 23rd May.