Rohit Sharma wants his team to pick up soon after India lose to Australia in WTC final

Image caption: Rohit Sharma said he wants India to find more players to help them win the WTC final in the next edition.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has said that he wants his team to pick up and do better in the future and focus on the next big events lined up after the lost the world test championship final to Australia by a huge margin of 209 runs at The Oval in London.

The world number one Indian team was beaten by Australia in a one second contest that lasted all five days unlike the first final of the world’s championship which was finished in just about three days a couple of years ago.

Travis Head scored a fine 163 in the first innings whereas Steve Smith made 121 as their 285-run partnership in the first innings was the catalyst for Australia’s huge victory, who now have every single ICC trophy that is there an offer in their cabinet.

Rohit Sharma was quoted by the ICC saying,

“Having won the toss and put them in, I thought after the first session we had a good chance of getting them out quickly.”

“But two of their batters Smith and Head particularly played well and we went slightly away from our (bowling) plans. It is disappointing to not come out on top, given (we have had) a shot at a couple of finals now in World Test Championships,”

Rohit said.

The Indian captain admitted that he was disappointed to have not won the world test championship final despite making it to the deciding match for the second time in a row. India had lost to New Zealand in the first WTC final two years ago at Southampton by a big margin of eight wickets.

“You get dejected. There is no doubt about it and it does disappoint, not just me, but I’m sure everyone in the changing room is disappointed because you work really hard for it. To not see the result that you want to, it can be very disheartening and that is what everyone’s feeling right now,”

Rohit said. 

However, said he wants his team to pick up and not remain disappointed for a long period as there are important assignments such as the 50 over World Cup coming up. India are set to host the 50 over World Cup which will be played in October and November this year.

“But the sport is all about picking yourself up and getting ready for the next big event that you have.Any tournament you play, you start looking at what possibly you can do moving ahead,”

Rohit said.

Rohit Sharma said it is important for India to identify players for the test format who are going to help the team in the next cycle of the world test championship.

“There will be some talks around it and we’ll see whatever is required and whatever is best, whatever the brand of cricket we want to play in the next two years. And who are the guys who can do that role for us? That is the question that we need to find answers for. 

“There are a lot of guys, there are a lot of players who are doing really well in our domestic cricket as well. It’s just about finding them and giving them that space, enough time to go forward and do the job for us,”

Rohit Sharma said.