BCCI hands a 2-year ban to the journalist Boria Majumdar for intimidating Wriddhiman Saha

Wriddhiman Saha revealed the identity of the journalist during a BCCI hearing

BCCI’s three-member committee has found the journalist Boria Majumdar guilty of “threat and intimidation” towards the Indian cricketer Wriddhiman Saha.

BCCI’s three-member committee, which was formed after Wriddhiman Saha accused a journalist of “threat and intimidation”, has found the journalist (Boria Majumdar) guilty as revealed by the cricketer in the hearing. 

BCCI’s Apex Committee has banned the journalist for two years any involvement in cricket.

In an email to the state associations, BCCI’s interim CEO Hemang Amin announced the sanctions imposed on Boria which in turn will deny the journalist of any press accreditation, interviews with “registered” players, and access to any BCCI or state cricket for a total of two years.

“The key issue for deliberation for the BCCI Committee in the matter was to ascertain if the messages sent by the journalist were in the nature of threat and intimidation. The BCCI Committee considered the submissions by both Mr. Saha and Mr. Majumdar and concluded that the actions by Mr. Majumdar were indeed in the nature of threat and intimidation,”

the email read.

“The Apex Council of BCCI agreed with the recommendations of the BCCI Committee and imposed the following sanctions: (i) 2 (two) year ban on getting any accreditation as a member of the press in any of the cricket matches (domestic and international) in India; (ii) 2 (two) year ban on getting any interview with any registered players in India; and (iii) 2 (two) year ban on access to any of BCCI and member associations owned cricket.”

The committee comprising BCCI Vice-President Rajiv Shukla, Treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal, and Apex Council Member Prabhtej Singh Bhatia was set up on February 25 after Saha has tweeted a screenshot of messages he had received from the journalist on Saturday (February 19), after the keeper-batter was left out of India’s Test squad for the forthcoming series against Sri Lanka.  

The committee was constructed “to look into the matter of Wriddhiman Saha receiving threats and intimidation from a senior journalist”.

The 37-year-old posted a tweet on February 19 that took the screenshots of the messages like:

“After all of my contributions to Indian cricket…This is what I face from a so-called “Respected” journalist! This is where the journalism has gone.”

Another message sent by the journalist said that:

“You did not call. Never again will I interview you. I don’t take insults kindly. And I will remember this.”

Majumdar had recently revealed in his paper that he would file a case against Saha for the defamation suit.

“I’m filing a defamation case on Wriddhiman Saha. He has doctored, tampered with, and manipulated screenshots. Earlier today, I sent the BCCI all the details and I have emailed everybody in the BCCI the entire sequence of events. I have also tweeted my side of the story,”

Majumdar had said.