Maria Sakkari about the upcoming final: “I have already beaten Sabalenka and know how to do it again”

maria sakkari
Maria Sakkari during a match on the court

Last week, a major WTA 500 tournament started in Abu Dhabi with prize money for $565 530. Sixty-four participants to this day are fighting for the title on hard, leaving a little intrigue. The tournament started on January 6, and the expected completion date is scheduled for the 13th, so tomorrow we will finally find out the winners’ names.

It’s known that two incredible girls will compete for the championship: the 22nd racket of the world – Greek Maria Sakkari and Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka, who occupies the 10th position of the world ranking. What forecasts do viewers make for this match? And what do the girls themselves think about the upcoming finale?

Greek Maria Sakkari, who occupies the 22nd position in the WTA ranking, commented on the upcoming tournament’s final in Abu Dhabi against Aryna Sabalenka in a short interview.

“Arina is very confident right now. We know each other well and often train together. Her career is just fine, given that she is very young. At the moment, she is one of the most formidable rivals on tour,”

commented Maria.

The Greek tennis player also said she had already beaten her opponent and now knows she could do it again. In personal meetings, the score is 3:1 in favour of the Belarusian, and, despite the words of Sakkari, it was the Belarusian who won the last three matches. Maria believes it will be a difficult match for both and doesn’t claim her plan will definitely work.

Sakkari, who won the last ten games in the semifinal match with Sofia Kenin today, said she found balance in the game. By the way, the final score of the match is 2:6, 6:2, 6:0.

“I realized that I have quite powerful shots. I have a decisive game, and I learned how to use it correctly. Until last year, I didn’t control the power. I had to slow down because I beat too hard and made a lot of mistakes. And now I felt the rhythm I needed. When there is an opportunity, I attack, and it gives me confidence.”

Well, tomorrow’s final match will put all the points. It remains only to wish both girls strength, patience and, of course, a good game.