The International Hockey Federation has determined the championship in the world table among hockey teams

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Although in 2020, due to the pandemic, competitions were suspended, the International Hockey Federation determined the ratings of teams in the world table.

At the end of the year, it was determined that the leaders in world field hockey were among men a team from Belgium, and among women the first – a team from the Netherlands.

Since most of the year passed without competitions, many teams did not have the opportunity to rise in the world ranking and compete for first place in the table. At the end of the year, the Indian men’s national team is in fourth place, and the Indian women’s national hockey team took the ninth position.

In January 2020, the International Hockey Federation demonstrated a new model for calculating the world ranking. Already at the Proliga matches, which were held in early 2020, changes in the standings were visible, which quite seriously changed the teams’ situation. However, in March of that year, all competitions were terminated indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This destroyed all the chances of Indian teams to compete for leadership in the world ranking. That is why at the moment we can observe such results of the year.

From September to November 2020, some competitions were resumed. These were small tournaments where all the necessary precautions were observed to avoid infection of workers and athletes. The Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, and Germany participated in these competitions. In the process, it was possible to observe how quickly the position of the team’s chances. These were long-awaited and important matches for the entire hockey community. They hope that soon all countries in all countries will return to a normal regime and continue to compete with teams of other countries.

The pandemic greatly affected the moral and physical condition of athletes of all countries without exception. Precautions were greatly tightened, which allowed athletes to continue training. They were limited to communicating with families and going beyond sports bases. The absence of competitions slowed down team skills development since it is on the field that the biggest mistakes are made, and the most important skills in sports art are acquired.

The International Hockey Federation determined the world ranking among men as follows: the first place is deservedly the world and European champions – Belgium, when summing up and counting the point, they received 2496.88 points; in second place are the winners of the hockey pro-league of the International Hockey Federation – Australia, the team scored 2385.7 points; The Netherlands has the third highest right, with a total score of 2,257.96 points; the Indian team closes the four leaders, the national team managed to score 2063.78 points.

The top ten leaders included a team from Argentina. The team is the Olympic champion and takes fifth place with a score of 1967.39 points. In sixth place in Germany, which is very slightly behind Argentina and earned 1944.34 points in 2020. England takes 7th place with a total score of 1743.77 points. New Zealand is in eighth place with 1,575 points. Ninth place – Spain, the team, has 1559.32 points. And Canada completes the top ten in the world competition, which won the tenth place with a score of 1417.37 points.

In the women’s standings, places were distributed as follows. In first place at the end of the year was a team from the Netherlands, they scored 2631.99 points. The second position is taken by the Netherlands, gaining 2174.61 points. Germany falls into third place in the match’s result, which was held in September 2020 against Belgium. Their score was 2054.28 points. On the fourth line, you can see the Australian team with a total score of 2012.89 points. This is a good result, which shows how the team was close to getting into the top three.

In fifth place is the team from England, they scored 1952.74 points. The sixth line remains for New Zealand. The team managed to earn 1818.98 points. Spain also entered the top ten leaders. The national team scored 1802.13 points and placed on the seventh line of the standings. Ireland deservedly gets an eighth-place and 1583.09 points in the overall standings. India is also one of the top ten teams on the planet. The national team was able to score only 1543 points because it was placed in 9th place. Immediately behind India is a team from China. They occupy the 10th line with a score of 1521 points.

Such results of the standings are because, in 2020, the International Hockey Federation changed the previous tournament rating system to a dynamic match method. With this method, only the results of official matches confirmed by FIH are taken into account. The number of points strictly depends on the importance of the match, the number of points scored, and the team’s rating in the table. The Federation decided that this method of determining the championship would be the most effective.