The International Hockey Federation (FIH) released a new podcast in which interviews with the most famous people in the hockey world will be held

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The International Hockey Federation (FIH) launched a monthly podcast featuring exclusive interviews and news from the world of hockey. The first instalment of ‘Hockey Pod’ was released November 12, 2020. 

 Podcast’s hosts are seasoned hockey correspondents Sarah Juggins and Richard Stainthorpe.  Guest-host is Rogier Hofman. He is co-chair of the FIH Athletes’ Committee. In this podcast Rogier said about the critical work being done by his committee and asked some questions to special guests: FIH Umpire Ayanna McClean, from Trinidad and Tobago and 2018 and 2019 FIH Player of the Year Eva de Goede of the Netherlands. 

Ayanna McClean has played almost a hundred international matches on the field. Six games left and she will receive such a long-awaited golden whistle which is awarded to umpires in approval of 100 international competitions. Also, she prompted no less than 48 videos. Ayanna openly talks about why she is enjoying the different approach to use hockey’s rules.

“On the video, you can use more strictness rules. It’s more black and white in the video, in terms of the rules than in the field’s situation. On the field might be a more grey area,”

said FIH Umpire Ayanna McClean.

Eva De Goede has already played 233 international competitions. She is a two time World Cup winner and a double Olympic gold champion. Eva talked about her team’s plans over the coming 12 months and how passion and love for sport help her to improve her hockey game.

Netherlands captain Eva de Goede said:

“I am really enjoying that I am able to play hockey at the highest level for 14 years. I love this game. My family and all the world support me. I think that I am fortunate that I can play hockey.”

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