The first goal of the women’s youth hockey team is to qualify for the World Cup

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At the end of 2020, the Indian women’s youth hockey team decided to set goals for next year. First of all, the goal was set to qualify for the 2021 World Junior Championship.

The whole team recalls 2020 and is glad that they will be able to compete again on the world stage in the new year. Despite the circumstances associated with the pandemic, everyone wants to believe that in 2021 the Indian team will conquer many peaks and win all possible cups and medals.

This year is significant for the youth team because it is in 2021 that the World Cup will be held in December. This competition is the most important for Indian youth hockey. It is victories at such competitions that make it possible to attract more new children to sports. Among these boys and girls, you can find those who will become a hockey star in the future and bring many victories to the country. Also, such achievements make it possible to attract more support from the state and other sponsors. Only in this way can hockey develop throughout the country. This money goes to the construction of new stadiums, the purchase of sports equipment, and to help parents, who, for many reasons, cannot provide children with a sports life without it.

However, before getting to the World Cup, the Indian women’s youth hockey team needs to qualify. To do this, the team must win the Asian Junior Cup. This competition will be held in April 2021. According to the tournament results, the team that will go to represent Asia at the World Cup will be determined. That is why the Asian Cup is the first goal of the Indian team.

The whole team, no doubt, wants to compete for the world championship in South Africa. There will be 16 teams at the World Cup. Victory at these competitions will show the undeniable superiority of a particular country.

Now the team is glad to return to training in the national camp. Of course, due to the epidemiological situation, the athletes were provided with all the necessary conditions to protect them from the virus. Hockey players enter a normal rhythm, recover physically and mentally to present India with dignity at the Asian Cup. The last time the Asian Cup was held in 2015. Then the women’s youth hockey team could not win and left the championship with an honorary fourth place. But this time, the athletes are determined. They intend to improve their results and win the competition to qualify. Therefore, they train tirelessly and hone their skills.

An undeniable advantage for the youth team is that they train with senior colleagues from the national team. This is a great experience for young athletes. So they can watch more experienced players, learn their skills, then apply on the field and win.

Looking at senior hockey players, girls are inspired and strive to become better. In recent years, the senior team has achieved a lot: they achieved success at the continental championships and raised their rating at the world table. This was a great incentive for new achievements for young girls who learn from their example. It is important to note that girls learn from the elders the desire to win and the ethics of the game. After all, team sports are primarily interaction with other people. It would be best if you found contact with your co-commanders. Only in this way can the team rally and come to victory. Maximum mutual understanding in the team helps raise the general mood and tune in to the game’s right wave.

Some athletes from the youth team are waiting, in turn, to get into the national team. They are especially inspired by the example of other young athletes, such as Sharmila, who, despite their young age, have already represented the Indian national team at international competitions and managed to receive the first deserved awards. All girls understand that having made every effort, they will also achieve such high results and get into the national team. At the moment, this is their dream and main goal.