In Bengaluru, all events were canceled

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If you want to visit KSHA stadium now, you will suffer a terrible disappointment. The stadium is closed indefinitely, and absolutely all events planned for the near future have been canceled. In the hockey center itself, complete silence reigns.

These measures were taken for a reason. In any other year, the Bengaluru Hockey Association (BHA) would be intertwined with athletes, coaches, and visitors. Usually, many matches are held here as well as constant training. But this year, competitions between schools and games with guests will not take place. Krishnamurti, Bengaluru Hockey Association (BHA), said the situation would not change until the virus vaccine is available.

After such a huge break, management faces many tasks that will need to be solved before the coaches’ resumption. It will be necessary to revise the coaching program, as well as the calendar of all events. Krishnamurti said that they do not want to rush to resume activities. Hasty decisions can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should be more careful not to regret what you do later in the current epidemiological situation. It is necessary to wait to improve the problem and only then make important decisions related to the resumption of hockey training, matches, and athletes’ residence.

Even if the Bengaluru Hockey Association wanted to resume events, the question of hockey players’ residence and safety would rise sharply. Due to the excellent flatness, parents cannot consent to young athletes’ participation in training because they are not sure of their sports complex safety.

In support of the fact that to resume at least training, it was not really that the players of the SAI and DYES hostels had not yet returned. And everyone believes that this will not happen. Players across the country do not return to schools and colleges. They do not start training because they are very concerned about their safety.

Another test for hockey was the budget. In a typical situation, sometimes you have to put a lot of effort to persuade the teams to come to the match. Due to the circumstances of 2020, the budget was severely cut, which can lead to deplorable consequences. As a result, everything comes down to the vaccine against the virus. Only when it becomes publicly available and citizens feel safe will it be possible to think about the hockey community’s issues in events and competitions.

However, despite all this, after normalizing the situation, the Association plans to arrange many tournaments. A rich schedule of hockey events is expected.