French Hockey Federation is one hundred years old

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The official date of creation of the French Hockey Federation, the national hockey association of France, is November 13, 1920. 

On this day, hockey representatives in France gathered for an unscheduled General Assembly in Paris. President of the General Assembly was, President of the French Union of Sports Associations (UFFSA), Mr Paul Léautey. His assistants at this meeting were Mr André Varnier, the General Secretary, and Vice-President Mr Vitry.

At this meeting, Mr Paul Léautey announced the primary purpose of the session of the General Assembly, after which Mr Vanier read out the charter of the Federation. After the approval and full approval of all the charters, the creation of the French Hockey Federation was announced. The first task of Mr Léautey in the role of president was the development of hockey among men and women throughout the country.

Mr Paul Léautey was an important figure not only in the history of French hockey but also international. In 1924, he initiated the creation of the International Hockey Federation. Therefore, it is not surprising that when the International Hockey Federation was created in Paris on January 7, 1924, Mr Léautey became its first president.