Indian Football is Striving Mutually, Moving Ahead: Igor Stimac

Igor Stimac

Indian National Football Team Head Coach Igor Stimac called on those involved in Indian Football to come forward and work together to better sport in India.

Stimac wrote:

“Football is a worldwide aspect that changes every second. Since my playing days, world football has seen major changes in applying new coaching tactics, techniques, and developments that have helped the game turn 360 degrees. In India, every stakeholder understands that working in tandem is essential to improve. Right now, everyone in Indian Football has one target: to get ahead. And for that, everyone must work together.”

He expressed the wish that Indian footballers set an example to become the “sport of choice” in the country:

“The boys on the U-17 World Cup squad have graduated from the senior squad and have already proven their worth. We are one of the youngest senior national teams globally, and that’s something that will help us move forward. We have gradually moved to a team that likes to play with the ball. “Building from the back” is the philosophy that’s endorsed in modern Football, and the Blue Tigers are trying to embrace that philosophy. The challenge begins now”

“On average, we play over 450 passes in a game now, which is a significant jump from our previous games. The challenge begins now. We need to channel energy on the right track to achieve the best possible result and make football ‘the sport of choice’ in the country”

“Top-notch training is also what is revolutionizing the setup of national teams. The Luka Radman is one of Europe’s most sought-after strength and conditioning trainers. With its introduction, the team’s fitness levels have increased dramatically. And the Goalkeeping Coach Tomislav Rogic has also bought in the huge experience of working with some of the best business”

He concluded:

“For the future, I see the corporate world ready to invest more money in Indian Football. More numerous enthusiasts are gathering to the stadiums to support the game. Most importantly, the video audience is expanding, showing the enthusiasm and excitement in Indian Football”