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Texas Blackout Causes the Call of Duty League (CDL) to Postpone All Its Stage 1 Week 2 Matches

Call of Duty

The massively famous CoD tournament, the Call of Duty League (CDL) has decided to postpone, with immediate effects, the much-awaited beginning of the Stage 1 Week 2 of the decorated competition’s 2021 season. They had to opt for the delay, as the humongous snowstorms in the American state of Texas have generated a blackout all over the state, which has produced several problematic issues for most of the pro gamers participating in the tournament from that region.

The 2021 edition of the CDL is being competed mostly online. In order for the competing teams to be able to play under the same server, CDL invited many of them to go to Texas and most of them obliged. That was also supposed to minimize the adverse effects the differing online connections can have on online games.

But a sudden turn of events has seen the Lone Star State to be flooded with storms of snow and continuing bad weather throughout the last week or so. As a result, the power grid failed to uphold the extra pressure and withdrew itself, leaving the invited teams in dark amid the widespread power outage.

Since most of the players are suffering from the same consequences, the CDL authorities thought it best to postpone the Stage 1 Week 2 of the league, which was originally scheduled to hit the floor on February 18, and end on February 21.

The next step from the CDL committee remains to be seen. There hasn’t been any confirmation as to when the postponed Week 2 will finally commence. The whole Stage 1 routine is very congested. The following Week 3 of CDL will start after just four days of the original end date of Week 2 , on February  25, and end on February 28. The ultimate Stage 1 Major will then start straight away after only one day, on March 1. It will then go on for that whole week. What will happen if I blackout persists? The question remains to be answered.

It will be quite a difficult job for the CDL to find an opening for the Week 2 matches, with the tight schedule and the budget limitations.

But Parimatch News has two possible solutions for them:

  1. Move the whole CDL Stage 1 schedule back for an entire week, or 
  2. Organize Week 2 and Week 3 straight up, with no break days in between. 

The former option, though, seems to be the more logical of the two, as there is a long and relaxing 11-day barren period between the conclusion of Stage 1 and the very first gaming event of CDL 2021 Stage 2.

All the possibilities, though, will hinge on only one factor — whether or not the Texas snowstorms clears out in time. Everything is dependent on mother nature, as for now. Fans and followers of the famed eSports competition from all over the world are waiting eagerly for the CDL to restart.