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MAD Lions Announces SEAT as the Car Partner for Its LoL Teams


MAD Lions, the popular Spanish eSports organization owned by OverActive Media, has declared a lucrative partnership deal with SEAT, one of the most profitable automobile manufacturers in Spain. The deal will encompass all the League of Legends rosters under the prominent eSports side’s banner. 

The announcement was made in a press release. The release also revealed the deal will also consist of high-end marketing, wide-range advertising, real-time and virtual activations, and good quality online content creation from both sides.

MAD Lions’ President band Co-Founder, Jorge Schnura, was delighted with the finalization of the deal. He stated in a release: 

“Partnering with a brand like SEAT is an incredibly important milestone for our brand and for our business as a whole. SEAT understands young audiences, and we are delighted to come together to create authentic collaborations for our fans in Spain and around the world.”

OverActive is an illustrious company and has been doing collaborations with different kinds of organizations. But this deal marks OneActive’s first-ever partnership with any car company. According to many sources, SEAT also targets the younger part of the population, with the youngest customer base (on average) amongst the top car brands throughout Spain.

The MAD Lions x SEAT collaboration promises a lot for the future of the Spanish eSports scene

The MAD Lions x SEAT collaboration promises a lot for the future of the Spanish eSports scene

SEAT Spain’s Marketing Director, Cristian Calvo, also let his feelings known to the media about the deal, by stating: 

“Throughout its history, SEAT has always responded to the needs of its consumers and has known how to be aligned with their tastes and trends. Exploring the esports industry is challenging and, at the same time, something we really want to do. Alongside SEAT, esports fans will have access to multiple experiences and original content, and we are convinced that this relationship will be a real success.”

The Spanish eSports industry, just like in pretty much every other country of the world, is booming with young followers. The player and fan bases of the sports are always increasing. Thus, a deal with another company that has youth engagement in its DNA, must be so enthusiastic for MAD Lions. SEAT, too, will be highly benefited from the extra exposure. 

Calvo continued his statement: 

“We are proud to enter the esports territory with MAD Lions. In recent years, SEAT has positioned itself as the mobility solution of choice for young people. When the time comes when these fans need a mobility partner, we want their solution to be SEAT.”

It’s been a relentless couple of months for MAD Lions. They have been securing such lucrative deals with some of the biggest organizations in Spain, and also from the international market. The Spanish economy, as well as its image as an eSports-loving nation, will be vastly boosted through this deal.

Here’s the official collaboration video of SEAT x MAD Lions: