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Women IPL Match To Be Held In UAE From November

Women IPL

The Challenger series, popularly known as the Women’s IPL, took place on August 2. Still, the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) made it clear that it was already delayed into Indian Premier League Season 13, so now will be held in the United Arab Emirates from November 4 – 9.

Women’s cricket in India has come to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and much criticism has been leveled at the BCCI. However, President Sourav Ganguly has always maintained that the three-team tournament will certainly occur, which has been the case now.

As per the newest expansion, in the long-awaited series, there will be a single round-robin league between the three teams: Supernovas, Trailblazers, and Velocity with the final. All four matches will likely take place given Abu Dhabi’s separate quarantine rules.

The teams are expected to fly to the United Arab Emirates by the second week of October and will undergo a mandatory six-day quarantine period on arrival.

All three teams are expected to have more Indian girls this time around, considering that the team needs to carry more players for sound safety reasons.

Additionally, top players from Australia and England will not be available due to the Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL), where they have already signed previous contracts. WBBL dates clash with Women’s Challengers

BCCI has also reportedly said that the Summit Cricket Council would host the Women’s T20 Challenge in the same window during the men’s competition’s knockout phase.

However, the final was set for November 9 because we didn’t want to schedule the men’s final day. There is a huge interest in the women’s event, and its only commercial concern is that it is separate from the men’s event,” said the official.