Virender Sehwag uses Sachin Tendulkar’s example to explain Virat Kohli’s position

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag compares Virat Kohli with the all-time great batsmen Sachin Tendulkar

Virender Sehwag weighed into the debate on what will be the better position for Virat Kohli in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League for RCB.

As Royal Challengers Bangalore is set to kick-off their campaign for the Indian Premier League 2022, there is one question being debated everywhere the best batting position for Virat Kohli in the RCB.

Kohli’s best season in IPL came in 2016 when he batted as an opener but lately, he has been playing at the spot of number 3. 

The former Indian opener, Virender Sehwag jumped into the debate, saying that if RCB does not have a good opening pair, Kohli should come at the top alongside the skipper Faf du Plessis, but his ideal spot is at number 3.

“When it’s Virat Kohli’s days, he ensures he finishes the match and is right there till the end, irrespective of the format he is batting in. This is a special aspect of his batting. Like Ajay (Jadeja) said, Rishabh Pant and Ishan Kishan should learn from Kohli, that when it’s your day, just don’t get out. That’s exactly what Tendulkar used to do,”

said Virender Sehwag while speaking on a chat show on Cricbuzz.

“He used to tell me ‘if today is a good day for you, then play as long as you can, remain not out and score runs’ because what kind of day you have tomorrow, whether you’ll score runs, is not known. But today you know the way you’re playing, the ball is appearing like a football,” 

Virender Sehwag added.

“If Faf du Plessis is opening and they have another player who can benefit the team as an opener then I would go with that player and then play Virat Kohli at No.3. But if there isn’t, which I can clearly see, there aren’t any top-level openers who cash in on the powerplay period then Kohli-Faf is the opening pair they should go with. But I’m a big fan of Kohli plays at No.3,”

Sehwag explained.

He explained further why he thinks one-down is the best role for Virat Kohli.

“It is because then he will be under the pressure to score boundaries in the powerplay if he opens and that will make him vulnerable to dismissal and if Kohli gets out early in the innings, it naturally boosts the confidence of the opposition team,”

Sehwag said.

He also used the example of Legendary Sachin Tendulkar to explain the batting position for Kohli.

“Like when Sachin Tendulkar used to come and bat for India. If he used to get out in the powerplay then the opposition team would get on top. That’s why Kohli should bat at No.3. Then Maxwell comes in, Karthik at No.5 and the batting looks long. If RCB loses Faf, Kohli, and Maxwell in the powerplay, they have no one to rescue,”

he concluded.

RCB will play their tournament opener against Punjab Kings on Sunday.