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Surender Kumar Makes a Gradual Return to Hockey After the Covid-19 Scare

surender kumar

On August 7, players’ enthusiasm to return to the men’s national hockey team waned when six of them tested positive for Covid-19. Among them was defender Surender Kumar.

Karnal’s 26-year-old participant Haryana developed venous thrombosis, a situation in which there are blood clots. This is undoubtedly one of the many issues associated with the Covid-19 catering section. Surender, who made 133 appearances for India, has since recovered and resumed athletic actions.

Recalling the period in which he looked upbeat, Surender said:

“It was a tricky section. The first two days, the thought was: why me? However, the pandemic has affected thousands and thousands of people worldwide, and we have been grateful for the health care provided to us. Hockey India and SAI have given their support and made sure that we have the best services.

Throughout his two periods in the hospital, Surender spent time analyzing his sport. “I kept myself busy in the hospital, watching movies, playing video games, and talking to my house. Most importantly, I used the time to analyze my sport. The great games I have watched have given me confidence, and the shortcomings in my sport that I have watched carefully have helped me learn a lot more about what I need to do to become a bigger player”

The field’s return was gradual; the need to adapt to the new standards was the priority.

“I was very excited to be on the pitch again. We started regularly. I took 2-3 days to settle. There were occasions when my coronary load increased, which was also due to the extended break. But now we’re in the thick of it again. Loads have changed when it comes to coaching. We are going into the field in smaller teams, which means we have more leeway”, Surender identified.

Surender, who needs to work on his tackles and strikes, tries to play again, but he would have to wait until the following year.