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South Africa face the risk of a Ban from international cricket

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South African cricket is in major crisis as the Sports Federation, and Olympic Committee suspends the CSA (Cricket South Africa). South Africa has suspended the daily operations, and the South African international cricket team’s future is in doubt.

The International Cricket Council has forbidden the interference of the South African government. This could jeopardize the participation of the South African cricket team in international tournaments. Now, what this could mean for South African Cricket and players.

What is SASCOC, and why did it suspend the CSA?

SASCOC, the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, is a government body that is responsible for South Africa in the Commonwealth Games. The body is also responsible for other high-performance sports in the country and also coordinates with other sports federations at the international level. The body is a sporting ombudsman to support the country for participating in international sports events.

Why can South Africa be banned?

The International Cricket Council Code does not allow any type of government interference in the functioning of the board. This is the reason why Zimbabwe was also banned for a specific time in 2019 on account of much government interference. In this case, there are chances that South Africa can be banned for the second time. It was banned for the first time from 1970 to 1991 on account of Apartheid policies.

What could be the next for South Africa?

The suspension of CSA by the SASCOC has put the future of South African Cricket in uncertainty. At present, the sealing of borders and travel restrictions are high, considering the COVID 19 pandemic situation. There are no international fixtures announced for the South African Cricket this year. Even domestic cricket in the country seems to be in turmoil.