Mandeep Singh, Living His Father’s Dream: IPL 2020

Mandeep Singh with father
India Times

Cricketer Mandeep Singh’s father, Hardev Singh, just needed to see his son moving across the cricket area in his final days in the hospital bed.

On October 23, Mandeep Singh’s father died in one of Mohali’s hospital. But the 68-year-old man just needed to see his son moving across the cricket area in his last days as it gave him immense pleasure to watch his son squash bowlers in the Indian Premier League 2020 in Dubai.

Mandeep’s older brother told media:

“The television in his room at the hospital was not working for some reason. He was so angry with the staff. He told me to ask them to fix it. “Kings XI is going to play today, and I want to see Mandy in action,” requested. The hospital staff was very understanding, and they rapidly replaced the TV”

Interestingly, Hardev, a former track and field coach in the Punjab Sports Department was initially opposed to his son choosing cricket as his profession. Harvinder was also in cricket and was a promising quick pitcher, but had to say goodbye to his passion due to financial strain.

“I played competitive cricket up to Class 10. My dad, although he was a track coach himself, never liked cricket or any sport. He used to say, “Iss desh mey Khiladi bhukhe mar jati hai” (The athletes of this country are starving). He insisted that I focus on studying,” said Harvinder.

“In my case, the other factor was our financial situation. I used to train at Burlton Park in Jalandhar, and the fee there was Rs 500 per month. At the time, it was too costly to pay. So I backed off.”

Mandeep, who is seven years younger than his brother, was crazy about cricket. Hardev was once again towards his son’s alternative. Mandeep’s trainer, however, known as Up Harvinder, asked him to let the child play. After that, Harvinder stood up for his younger brother after having a huge fight with his father.

“It was the most intense fight that has ever taken place in our family. He wasn’t happy that Mandy was chasing cricket. I was adamant that he has to play because he’s great. After a week, he agreed; that too with several conditions”

However, Hardev Singh’s last wish was to see his son again play for India. When Mandeep heard of his father’s disappearance, he was inconsolable and needed to fly again instantly. But his brother convinced him to stay in Dubai and complete the IPL 2020. A few hours after his father’s death, an emotional Mandeep came to play for his franchise. His bearing on the fold was transitory, yet he received the hearts of tens of millions of people. Even Sachin Tendulkar appreciated Mandeep as much as playing regardless of the fight, such an ideal tragedy.