‘First and Final Warning for 2020′ – R Ashwin Tweets’ Mankading’ Alert

Ravichandran Ashwin

India and Delhi Capitals Ravichandran Ashwin left the entire cricket specter tangled. He spared Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) opening batsman Aaron Finch when the non-attacker strayed off the pitch before the Delhi Capitals (DC) spinner did not release the ball.

Aaron Finch was taken aback when he backed up too far in Monday’s Indian Premier League (IPL) game. Still, Ashwin did not get out the bailiffs and did give the Australian a warning.

The off-spinner, however, posted the warning on his Twitter page later.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) season 2019, Ashwin also become a villain for mankading Jos Buttler of Rajasthan Royals (RR), refrained from doing the same with Finch, even leaving the DC coach Ricky Ponting laughs in the dugout canoe. However, several cricketers have criticized him for not showing sportsmanship.

The incident quickly became a huge talking point on social media as fans began discussing how Ponting could have convinced Ashwin against the non-attacking mankading this season. Speaking to Twitter, Ashwin himself posted a radiant tweet while expressing how friendly the terms are between himself, the DC coach Ponting as well as RCB Finch.

Shortly after his first media interaction where Ponting spoke about his duties as DC coach, he apparent that mankading would not be permitted in the Delhi squad while he was at the helm.

Ponting, a legend of the game and an avid critic of the practice, had backed the Indian senior off-spinner when he asked if the batsman should also be penalized for leaving the pitch at the non-attacking end before a ball is delivered.