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“Constant communication, verbal or physical,” Eoin Morgan defends informative signal that comes from the dressing room

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The England left-hander, Eoin Morgan, says that they had been using communication signals from the dressing room throughout the T2O series, and they will continue to do so.

England’s ODI captain, Eoin Morgan, said that he had been using tactical signals from the dressing room throughout their three-match T20 series against South Africa, which they had white-washed by 3-0 under the captaincy of Eoin Morgan.

Television coverage of the third T20 International between England and South Africa at Newlands, Cape Town, showed numbers and letters by video analyst Nathan Leamon.

“There have been no real signals,”

said Morgan.

“There has always been constant communication, verbal or physical, from the change room to use in the field to help improve my decisions as captain and Jos Buttler’s decisions as vice-captain,”

said Eoin Morgan.

He said that team England did its research before the game, and the signals were intended to show how data might have changed during the match. 

“It’s something we’ve used a lot pre-game and are now experimenting within the game to see if we can improve our performance on the field,”

he added. 

The England captain revealed that they had been using the technique since all the three T20 matches.

“There weren’t many decisions that varied from mine. I think there were three in the first game, two in the second and a couple in the third,”

said Eoin Morgan.

He believed that the innovation was 100% within the spirit of the game. It was also reported that England had planned to use informative signals with the match officials before the start of the first T20 match. 

Morgan said that they would continue to use this tactic and see if it proves helpful or not in decision making on the field.

“100%, [it’s] within the spirit of the game. There’s nothing untoward about it. It’s about maximizing the information that we’re taking in, and measuring it against things [like] coaches’ recommendations, the data, what’s going on. We’re definitely going to continue with it, and give it enough of a sample size to see if it makes a difference to, or improves, our decision-making on the field or our performance,”

Morgan said.

England will play a three-match ODI series against South Africa starting from Friday at Newland, Cape Town. The first ODI match will be played at Newlands, Cape Town, on Friday, December 4th. Second ODI match on December 6th at Boland Park, Cape Town. Third on December 9th at Newlands, Cape Town.