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Against KKR match, Uthappa Accidentally Applies Saliva On The Ball.

Robin Uthappa
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During the game among the Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals of the IPL 2020 in Dubai, batsman Robin Uthappa was spotted applying saliva to the cricket ball.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation worldwide, The ICC (International Cricket Council) has already notified a ban on the use of saliva to rub the ball. The action took place in the third above when he was lined up and dropped an easy catch of Suresh Raina. However, Uthappa’s actions appear to violate ICC guidelines.

«Players will not be allowed to use saliva to make the ball shine. If a player applies saliva to the ball, the umpire will handle the situation with some compassion during the first adjustment period. Still, subsequent instances will result in a warning for the team», he said in a statement.

The IPL has not released a statement on the incident so far but did mention: “A team may receive up to two cautions per set, but repeated use of saliva on the ball will result in a penalty of 5 points for batters. Whenever a player applies saliva to the ball, the referee will ask the player to clean the ball before play is restarted.

There has been no update regarding any penalties or warnings received by Uthappa or the Rajasthan Royals. The 2020 IPL has yet to be kind to him as in three innings, and the batsman registered scores of 5, 9, and 2 to now go with a lost catch. It made the worse when he dropped the easy catch of the Suresh Raina in the match that deeply upset the team. However, put Uthappa in a position where his place in the midrange doesn’t seem protected.