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John E Bravo’s attacker could be found today, and more

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John E Bravo

John E Bravo’s attacker who caused him to go into an induced coma could be found today on Impact Wrestling. There are ten suspects now, and all of these were present at Bravo’s wedding (with Rosemary). 

With Tommy Dreamer leading the investigation into the bizarre incident, this week’s impact could have this reveal as one of its main events. Suspects, here, include the likes of Father James Mitchell, and Rosemary herself. Before the wedding, Taya Valkyrie had warned Rosemary against marrying Bravo. Hence, she is also an automatic suspect. 

Apart from this , tonight, the angle between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards continues. Last week, Callihan pinned Edwards with the Pile Driver after an assist by Ken Shamrock. This week, this feud could take newer/unexpected turns. 

Then, the angle featuring Heath-Rhino and the former’s contract also makes for an interesting watch. Last week, Heath was told by Scott D’amore that he would receive the contract only after gaining full fitness and form. To this, Heath seemed to have replied in affirmative when he stated that he would soon be ready for a fight post regaining full form (and strength). Thus, Impact today would throw light on whether Heath gets the contract. 

Here, it is worth noting that Rhino won a multi-man battle-royale early in the month – this was an intergender match to choose an opportunity to compete for a championship. Rhino had earlier expressed that he would want to team up with Heath and go for tag team gold; but the TNA World Championship also beckons – not now but in the near future. 

In summary, the attack on Bravo’s is the highlight of Impact today. The attacker could very well turn out to be someone from his inner circle.