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Fantasy Booking – The Undertaker versus The Fiend Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series

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With the legendary WWE superstar The Undertaker now on his last legs as far as stepping into the squared circle is concerned, it doesn’t hurt to list out fantasy matches for The Phenom that the WWE Universe has been longing to see at least for some time now. In this regard, a perfect fantasy contest would be The Undertakers versus The Fiend Bray Wyatt. 

The Undertakers versus The Fiend makes total sense. Both superstars are intimidating in their own right. For the record, the latter has been compared to the former many a time and is also looked at by the WWE Universe as a torch bearer of the legacy set forth by The Phenom. 


Both superstars have the “supernatural” ability in them, and can be part of compelling storylines. Can both the supernatural worlds co-exist in the WWE? This answer is best found out when both the superstars are booked in a one-on-one match. The best stage for this fantasy match is at Survivor Series this year. The Undertaker made his debut at the event 30 years ago. The Fiend is now looking strong; Survivor Series this year could be a stage for the passing on the torch and if the Fiend notches up victory over The Deadman, he could look stronger heading into his potential rivalry with WWE Champion Randy Orton and even win the title. Hence, victory over The Deadman would do well to boost The Fiend’s RESUME. 

Also, The Fiend apparently wants to face The Deadman head on. Check out what he tweeted in response to WWE’s tweet highlighting The Undertaker’s achievements:

The Fiend has already squared off with the likes of Goldberg – another WWE veteran, and has a defeat to his name. Goldberg and Undertaker have been on similar levels when it comes to achievements. Hence, a win over The Undertaker could be sweet revenge for The Fiend. How would it feel if this fantasy booking could just turn out to be true at Survivor Series?