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James Harden is ready to win the title after finally leaving Houston

James Harden
February 04, 2019: James Harden(13) of the Houston Rockets leads his team to victory(118-110) over the Phoenix Suns. Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix

Harden’s scandalous trade is finally completed, and the superstar player is very excited to continue his career with the Brooklyn Nets. He managed to surprise everyone with a record-breaking debut, showing that the Nets might get very close to the NBA Finals this year. 

‘The Beard’ is the first NBA player to score a triple-double with 30+ points in his debut

James Harden’s departure from Houston was without a doubt the most talked-about and intriguing deal of the 2020-21 NBA season. Since Harden is believed to be one of the best shooters in the League and is always surrounded by rumors and predictions, his exchange could not be unnoticed. And don’t forget that Harden managed to get a huge amount of attention for some scandalous actions like violating the league’s health and safety protocols and being caught at a strip club. The superstar player didn’t want to stay in Houston and play for the team with no championship potential, and that is why there was no doubt that he would join another franchise. Eventually, James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets after his statement that the Houston Rockets are just not good enough to succeed. 

Joining the Nets means a lot to Harden, who originally wanted to be sent to this franchise. Now he has a wonderful opportunity to play shoulder to shoulder with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Harden is expected to help these two superstar athletes lead the Nets to the NBA 2021 Finals. 

Even though some experts do not believe that three top scorers can play for one team, Durant and Harden managed to surprise everyone with record-breaking performances. ‘The Beard’ became the first player in NBA history to score a triple-double with more than 30 points in his debut game. Considering the fact that Harden was unable to train with the Nets before the game, his result is very impressive. At the same time, Harden(66 points) and Durant(72 points) together managed to score 138 points in the first two matches, becoming the first teammates in NBA history to score more than 30 points in two games in a row. 

The Brooklyn Nets’ head coach Steve Nash and Kevin Durant are happy with Harden’s performance and believe that he will help the Nets to get the title. According to Harden’ latest media appearance, the superstar player is enjoying his new team: 

“I hope that you can tell by my smile and my play. Just excited, excited for the opportunity. This is an unbelievable organization from top to bottom. For me, all I have to do is go out there and be the best James Harden I can be and good things will happen.”

With Kyrie Irving expected to join the team on Saturday and James Harden playing shoulder to shoulder with Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets are a pretty big threat for many NBA teams. The franchise can use three superstar players to defeat other top NBA teams. The only question is whether Steve Nash can unite his players and create an unbeatable team to win the 2020-21 NBA Championship.