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PV Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth at BWF World Tour Finals, winners or losers?

PV Sindhu in Thailand
PV Sindhu lost her first group stage match in the World Tour Finals in Thailand

Here you are, feel ready to learn the latest Indian Badminton news in the Badminton World Tour Finals?

The World Tournament features the 8 strongest players on the World Tour in each of the 5 tournaments: Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

After that, the 8 entries are divided into 2 groups of four. Group matches are played in a circle. Only the top 2 finalists in the groups are advanced to the semifinals.

For this you should know, only two Indian players really were able to participate in the Finals, even though there are many more worthy candidates as well.

On Tuesday, January 26, the well-known Indian shuttler PV Sindhu lost to the Taiwanese Tai-Tzu-Ying, who, by the way, is the world number one champion, in her first match of the group stage in the World Final.

Here you can mark the score: 19-21, 21-12, 21-17.

The young and ambitious Sindhu (25-year-old) won the first game 21-19, and it was a really intense and hard competition. You may ask why? Because both participants are really high-class professionals, they deftly maneuvered, walking back and forth, but finally in the end, the Indian shuttler won the first game, and in such a way was able to earn a small advantage at the very beginning.

Unfortunately, the second game went against an Indian player, literally starting at the other end. Tai-Tzu-Ying, after losing the first game, began to act abruptly, continued to put pressure on Sindhu. And it’s easy to understand, it’s very hard to lose when fate is decided. In the end, Tzu-Ying won the second game 21-12.

And then the hour of the third match came! The most decisive in such a tense competition.

Do you want to be brief? Sindhu failed to cope with the pressure of the Taiwanese shuttler, and she lost.

Now let’s tell you about another incredible match of another Indian shuttler.

Kidambi Srikanth

We will talk about Kidambi Srikanth

Note that Sindhu and Kidambi are the ones and only unique shuttlers from India who were able participate in such an important tournament.

Speaking of Wednesday, January 27, the shuttler of India Kidambi Srikanth, like his predecessor, lost to Anders Antonsen, a Dane, in his first group stage match in the BWF World Tour Finals.

As with the previous player, we give you the score: 15-21, 21-16, 21-18.

The total duration of the match was one hour and 17 minutes.

And here is the moment of the first game: Srikanth plays almost perfectly, rapidly, purposefully without giving the opponent a single chance. The game ended in favor of the Indian shuttler after 22 minutes of the match.

But in the second game, the Dane managed to outweigh the forces and break the opponent, and he won the game with a score of 21-16.

Guaranteed that the third game will remind you of the situation of the match on Tuesday.

Are you ready to hear it again? Yes, unfortunately for the Indian side and fortunately for the Danish side, Antonsen wins the third final game.

It should also be reminded that earlier in January, Srikanth withdrew from the Thai Open after Sai Pranit, the roommate of his, was tested positive for COVID-19.