Zverev criticises ATP for ‘thinking only about money’ during pandemic

Alexander Zverev during one matches
Alexander Zverev during one of his matches

As you know, in times of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus back in 2019, everyone is having a hard time. Athletes, including tennis players, are no exception.

Apart from the fact that the ATP and WTA tournament organisers have some financial problems, many players also complain about the quarantine measures imposed at some tournaments. Just remember the situation at the Australian Open-2021, which almost went so far as to boycott the tennis players’ tournament.

Alexander Zverev, the seventh-ranked player in the world and winner of 15 ATP tournaments, once again criticised the ATP management for their attitude towards players during the pandemic. In his short interview, he gave his opinion on the situation and said the ATP is now thinking more about the organisers and not the players.

“They only think about getting the financial situation in order. They don’t care about the opinion of the players. It’s a pity because ATP is supposed to help the players, but now they are thinking more about the tournament organisers,”

shared the German.

Besides, he says the offer to host several tournaments in one place doesn’t interest them either. In Miami, for example, athletes will be on the bubble, although there are fewer restrictions in the city. The ATP should take that into account, but they don’t. As a result, according to Zverev, it is psychologically complicated for the players. By the way, all they saw at the Rotterdam tournament was the hotel and the stadium.