Defender Gagandeep Kaur has proved her worth as a player, actively training during the pandemic


Gagandeep Kaur is currently part of the Indian youth hockey team. She is undoubtedly one of the best players. In her 21 years, she shows excellent results and a desire for victory.

The girl has been playing in the youth team since 2016 and is now in Haryana. Thanks to her fantastic efforts, the girl’s name has become the same level as players from the senior team over the past few years. The main reason for this success is working on yourself, your game, and constant self-improvement. Now she understands that she has achieved a lot in her team and does not intend to stop at this stage of her career. Gagandeep Kaur is doing everything possible to be part of the Indian national hockey team.

The athlete herself understands that for her to advance in her career and becomes a better player than now, she needs experience. First of all, she connects this experience with communication and playing with the country’s best drag flickers. When she enters the national team, she will have the opportunity to be the best in the country – this is the best experience for her to continue to improve her game. Her idols have always been Rupinder Pal Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, and Gurjit Kaur. She always admired their skill and dreamed of playing together to adopt knowledge from the best players.

By the way, Gagandeep last year helped his team win a gold medal at the fourth category international tournament, which was held in Ireland. In the final, the girl scored a penalty, which undoubtedly became decisive for the whole game.

So far, the athlete has not achieved her primary goal and is part of the youth team. But she never misses the opportunity to communicate with players from senior teams. This is an invaluable experience that you can only get when speaking. Also, the girl continually watches broadcasts of matches and monitors the equipment of the players. She needs to know how they play on the field, what techniques they use, how they interact in the team, and how they rest. Rest is an essential part of competitions and training. In regular times, athletes are always in practice and often go to various tournaments, so it is necessary to relax to have the strength for new matches and new victories. Therefore, Gagandeep is not shy about asking more experienced players for tips and recommendations to help her become the best and go to the national team.

Gagandeep Kaur also spoke about the break due to the pandemic:

“I believe that every athlete should think about his goals and strive to fulfill them even in these conditions. If you are a professional in your business, then you should not lose your way. An essential part of the whole process is maintaining your sports form and health. It is necessary even now to train your body as if you participated in tournaments as before. Thanks to such measures, you will be ready for new trials when the time comes to enter the arena.”

Gagandeep has already discussed with the coaches that she needs to improve in the game to not stop on the way to the goal, even at this difficult time. She also talked with coaches from the senior team, told them about her capabilities to eventually understand whether she chose the right path. She is sure that she will soon be able to represent the national team at competitions. But now the main task is the success of the youth team. No matter how Gagandeep Kaur wants to get into the senior team, she understands that she has a great responsibility, so she makes every effort to succeed for her current team.