Best XI of the 2023 Super Cup ft. Mauricio, Amrinder, Gil

Odisha displayed brilliant football to secure the prestigious Super Cup title

The 2023 Super Cup concluded with Odisha lifting their maiden Indian Super Cup title. Clifford Miranda’s Juggernauts took down Simon Grayson’s Bengaluru 2-1 in the final as Deigo Maurício’s first-half brace helped his side reach the historical peak. 

Not only the Brazilian but a number of other individuals have performed brilliantly in this edition of the Indian Super Cup. Hence, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best-performing XI of the action-packed tournament.


Amrinder Singh (Odisha)

Keeping a clean sheet against Aizawl, Odisha’s goalkeeper Amrinder Singh conceded only four goals in the whole campaign. Also in the cup final, the Indian netminder managed to keep his cool and didn’t allow Bengaluru to score an equaliser. 

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu was a worthy candidate for the spot, but the major blunder in the final on Deigo Maurício’s free-kick that led to Odisha’s first goal cost him as well as Bengaluru huge bucks.


Naorem Roshan Singh (Bengaluru), Fares Arnaout (Goa), Osama Malik (Odisha), Narender Gahlot (Odisha)

It was not Naorem Roshan Singh’s best campaign but the young fullback still managed to frustrate a number of good attackers. As we already saw in the Indian Super League, his speed and aggression have always been a threat to offensive players. 

Bengaluru trusted the young fullback and gave Roshan five starts which also got paid off by the Blues defender. However, his performance would have been better in the final as Narender Gahlot managed to outclass him at a number of junctures.

Arnaout would have been the best defender of the tournament if Goa would have qualified in the playoffs

Fares Arnaout was brilliant in the backline but his Super Cup campaign ended quite soon. The defender was also the ultimate difference between ATK Mohun Bagan and Goa’s group stage fixture as he scored a priceless header in the dying minutes of the match. 

Osama Malik played the role of the experienced defender for the Juggernauts. The Australian professional made a handful of clearances on the backline pairing with Carlos Delgado. Malik’s outstanding defending helped the underdogs, Odisha, to capture their maiden Indian Super Cup title. 

Narender Gahlot‘s exclusivity emerged as the main problem for attackers in the 2023 Indian Super Cup. His defensive work as the full-back was commendable as he managed to give attackers such as Sunil Chettri, Daniel Chima Chukwu, and Wilmar Jordán Gil a hard time scoring. 

His performance in the final was worthy of every single penny as he didn’t let Pablo Perez get into the box or even think of making an attack. Narender Gahlot was an integral part of Odisha’s defense and with his tireless performance, he helped the Juggernauts win the prestigious cup.


Jerry Mawihmingthanga (Odisha), Apuia (Mumbai City), Jayesh Rane (Bengaluru), 

Jerry Mawihmingthanga moved back from the wings to the midfield according to the requirements of the team. Consequently, his playmaking skills stunned all the players as well as fans. From making crosses to providing key passes, the 26-year-old was brilliant with his game.

Apart from the brilliant chances he created, Mawihmingthanga also jumped into the defense and pocketed numerous top players across the tournament whenever needed including the final against the Blues.

Apuia’s Indian Super Cup campaign ended early as Mumbai City failed to find a spot in the playoffs. However, Ralte didn’t fail to impress even in a short time. 

The 22-year-old was responsible for delivering key passes and circulating the play, which he did rightfully. However, the fans would have seen more glimpses of his balanced play if Des Buckingham’s side had managed to top their respective group. 

Jayesh Rane’s goal as Bengaluru’s super sub against Jamshedpur in Super Cup’s semifinal can’t go unnoticed. Pairing up with the likes of Sivasakthi Narayanan, Rane gave the Red Miners’ keeper TP Rehenesh a really difficult time.

Also in the final, Rane came on the ground with a similar momentum, however, he failed to convert and get on the scoresheet. 


Diego Maurício turned out to be the most valuable player for the Juggernauts

Deigo Mauricio (Odisha), Wilmar Jordán Gil (NorthEast United), Nandhakumar Sekar (Odisha)

Without a doubt, Odisha’s Diego Maurício played the most crucial role in their title triumph. From scoring goals to providing assists, the Brazilian was in brilliant form. 

Being the catalyst for the Juggernauts’ success, Mauricio’s brace in the final against Bengaluru made his tournament even more memorable. In the final, he was fortunate enough to get his first goal following Gurpreet Singh Sandhu’s blunder in the net. 

On the other side, the second goal was no less spectacular as Jerry managed to find Maurício in Bengaluru’s box and the 2022-23 ISL Golden Boot Winner didn’t disappoint his team. Overall, the Brazilian talisman was a constant threat to all the teams as he scored a total of five goals in his campaign in the Indian Super Cup. 

It’s fair to say that Wilmar Jordán Gil single-handedly carried NorthEast United to the semifinals. Churchill Brothers became the victim of his attacking onslaught as Gil smashed four goals against the I-League side in their group-stage fixture.

In the semi-final match between NorthEast United and Odisha, the Colombian gave The Highlanders an early lead. However, the lead was later equalised by Nandhakumar Sekar on a brilliant cross by Jerry Mawihmingthanga.

Overall, NorthEast United’s lynchpin scored a total of 7 goals in the 2023 Indian Super Cup but his performance against Churchill Brothers announced how lethal he can be in the keeper’s box if he gets the ball at the right place. Wilmar Jordán Gil also secured the golden boot. 

Nandhakumar Sekar‘s every single appearance in the Indian Super Cup was impressive. From providing assists to getting on the scoresheet, the Indian winger was outstanding during his time on the football ground. 

Along with the likes of Diego Maurício, Nandhakumar Sekar kept the defenders on their nerves. The young Indian scored four goals for the Juggernauts that were highly important at their own respective places. 

Arguably, Nandhakumar’s best performance came in the semifinal against NorthEast United. From making forward runs and keeping possession, Sekar’s presence was priceless for the Juggernauts’ on the ground.