How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Mobile Device


In this day and age, mobile gaming has become a very common global phenomenon. The whole world is now on the go and so is the eSports discipline. Most games have mobile optimization nowadays, and it has garnered some exquisite success lately as well. Now, when talking about competitive mobile eSports action, one name comes through potently, and it’s “PUBG Mobile”. It’s a game for this modern era of gaming, from the developers Tencent Gaming in China. But in order to enjoy the thrills and chills of the PUBG Mobile world, you need to know how to get it on your device. Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile on your mobile device.

To know how to download PUBG Mobile on your device, the first thing you need to determine is which mobile platform you are on, Android or iOS. The process is easy and smooth for both platforms but is distinguishable in little areas. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to know the steps of how to download PUBG Mobile on your device.


Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile on Android devices:

Go to the Google Play Store

The first step of the “how to download PUBG Mobile” process on Android devices is to connect your device to an internet connection and go to the Google Play Store. The game is fully available on the play store and is free as well.

Search “PUBG Mobile”

When on the play store, you need to search for the game. So, type-in “PUBG Mobile” on the search bar, and you will get to the game quickly. Click on the first game you see on the list.

Click on “Install”

After getting into the game page, all you need to do is check some of the info that interests you, and eventually click on “install”. That will kick off the download, and now you wait till the download is over and the game is installed fully on your Android device. It doesn’t take too much time if you have an active internet connection and a viable device.

Click “Open” and enjoy the game

When the installation process on the play store is over, you can just click on “open” to start the game, or you can also open the PUBG Mobile game manually from your device’s navigation bar. The game will download some in-game files at first, and then you are good to go. The “how to download PUBG Mobile on android” process is over. Enjoy the game. 

Quick Reminder

There are a lot of fake and cheated versions that are available online, especially for the android version. Make sure you play it safe and simple. Follow the “how to download PUBG Mobile” steps from above and enjoy honest and peaceful PUBG gaming.

IOS (iPhone)

Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile on iOS devices:

Go to the Apple App Store

For the users of the iPhone or the iOS operating system, the process is pretty much the same as the one with android users. The basic difference is in the store from which PUBG Mobile is downloaded. To start the “how to download PUBG Mobile” process on iOS, go to the Apple App Store.

Search “PUBG Mobile”

The next step is to go to the search bar and type in the name of the game “PUBG Mobile”. Click on the first result you see.

Click on “Install”

Click on “install” to download the game and set it up on your iOS device. It takes no more than 10 minutes if your internet connection is swift enough. The game is absolutely free on the iOS platform as well.

Open the app and start playing

Open the PUBG Mobile game manually or from the App Store itself, let the game download the in-app files, and proceed with the login. Connect your Facebook account, if you like. That’s it. This is exactly how to download PUBG Mobile on iOS devices.

Alternate ways

There are other ways to complete the “how to download PUBG Mobile” process on your smartphone as well. Here they are:

Downloading the APK: Go to Google and search the apk file of the PUBG Mobile game. It’s easy how to download PUBG Mobile in the apk format. You’ll get many links on Google. Go to a trusted one. Change your settings to support the download from unauthorized sites, and download the apk. Then you can just open it and install it on the go.

Downloading from the PUBG website: To get even deeper into the “how to download PUBG Mobile” process, you can just go to the PUBG or Tencent official website and download the apk file from there. It’s easy and trusted, from the word go.

There are unlimited possibilities for the gaming industry nowadays, as the download process of the games is really easy. How to download PUBG Mobile on your android device is as easy as it comes. Even in India, which is considered one of the biggest eSports markets in the world, PUBG Mobile is downloaded and played in pretty much every household. So, download it right now using the “how to download PUBG Mobile” steps from above and enjoy the exciting battle royale title from anywhere and at any time. 

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