Smriti Mandhana says they are aiming for Gold Medal at the CW games

Smriti Mandhana says it’ll be a good experience for all of us

As cricket goes back to the commonwealth games, with the first-ever women’s mega event, there’s tangible excitement in the Indian group while Mandhana says that the feeling of winning a medal is that she and her side have watched over the years.

As cricket goes back to the commonwealth games for the first time in 24 years, with the first-ever women’s mega event in the multi-sport episode, there’s tangible excitement in the Indian group. 

Smriti Mandhana, India’s vice-captain, figured the unique experience of playing for a medal has got her and her side fascinated as they gear up to head to Birmingham.

“Really, excited to be part of the commonwealth games. I think it is something very new for me and our team. We’ve never experienced going out and playing a tournament where other sports are also involved. So I’m looking forward to it,”

Mandhana said.

“We haven’t had any experience of playing in a commonwealth game, where we’ll strive to get the gold medal because we’ve always imagined us lifting the trophy and trying to put us on a podium where we lift a trophy.

“But now that we have to imagine us going on the podium and getting a medal, I think it is something new and we all are excited. It’ll be a good experience and a new experience for all of us, and I am sure that we’re all going to enjoy and give our best,”

she added.

Though the hope of playing in a tournament like the Commonwealth games will be new, Mandhana suggested that the feeling of winning a medal is something she and her team are aware of and have watched over the years. 

Mandhana even figures out that having seen it happen comes as a catalyst for her and her team to go for gold in England.

“All the girls are excited and we all know the feeling. We all know the feeling because we’ve all watched the Commonwealth and Olympics when the Indian flag goes higher and we hear the national anthem… everyone knows that feeling and we are aiming for gold. I don’t think we’ll look for just a podium finish because when the flag goes higher and the national anthem plays, that’s the best feeling.

“I got goosebumps when Neeraj Chopra got it in the Olympics so we have the opportunity to be there and try and do that. Of course not for the Olympics, but for the Commonwealth. We all are excited and yeah we know the groups (India, Australia, Pakistan, and Barbados), the groups were decided long back so we have our plans for all three so hopefully things work the way we planned,”

Mandhana said.