KKR would pick a player who can absorb all conditions, says the bowling coach Bharat Aru


KKR bowling coach Bharat Arun said KKR would look to pick players who can adapt to all conditions while the mega auction will be held on February 12 and 13 in Bengaluru.

IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Rider’s newly elected bowling coach Bharat Arun said that the franchise would look to pick those players who can adapt to all conditions in the upcoming IPL mega auction. The IPL auction is just 10 days away and KKR is busy preparing its strategy. 

“You need to pick players who can adapt to different conditions. Even before the pandemic, when you picked bowlers for home conditions, you still needed them to play seven away games in the IPL,”

former India bowling coach Arun told kkr. in.

Arun said having seen most of the international players his experience would come in handy.

“Having watched most of the top players around the world up close, you have a fair idea as to what they can do. And it helps you to prepare and take your calls better, and also plan more effectively during the matches,”

he said.

Kolkata Knight Riders have reserved the West Indies all-rounders Andrew Russell (Rs 12 crore) and Sunil Narine (6 crores) as well as the Indian combo of Venkatesh Lyer  (Rs 8 crore) and Varun Chakravarthy (Rs 8 crores).

KKR is now left with an attempt of 48 crores for the mega auction with the list of 590 players set to go under the hammer on February 12 and 13 in Bengaluru.

He added that they may see a shift in the IPL auction with so many superior fast bowlers out there for seize.

“I sincerely think so, because even though a lot of people think cricket is inclined towards the batsman, I would look at it differently.

“I would say that therein lies an opportunity for me as a bowler to excel. Yes, there are limitations for bowlers. But again, they know that if they execute and if they can build a little more guile around their bowling, they have a chance to be a hero,”

he added.

Arun said they would need bowlers who can excel in all conditions.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of the Indian team before this. In a way, I was blessed to have had a group of bowlers who are so multi-talented.

“It was a conscious effort, I think, with Virat (Kohli) and Ravi (Shastri) to be the Number 1 team in the world. And to be so, we needed to win under all conditions. Preparing this bunch of fast bowlers was our biggest challenge and the way they responded… The rest is history.”

“With the Indian side, our goal was always to be Number 1 in any conditions. To be able to achieve that objective, I think the biggest challenge was to have bowlers who could excel and who could get to 20 wickets in all conditions. We did exactly that, and that’s why we were successful.”