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Why The Main Event Mafia is the greatest ever stable in Impact Wrestling?

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Impact Wrestling, in its earlier avatar TNA Wrestling witnessed the advent of the Main Event Mafia (MEM) – a heel stable, back in 2009. This stable consisted of wrestling veterans viz Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner, and Booker T.

 The stable even held all the gold; that TNA had to offer that year; for a relatively long period of time. The Main Event Mafia also captured eyeballs across the wrestling world; not just TNA Wrestling (now Impact) and has been rated as one of the best heel stables of all time. Here’s why the MEM is one of the greatest wrestling groups of all time:

  • Screen Presence –  MEM members had a towering screen presence. Angle, Sting, Nash, Steinier, and Booker – all put together was a sight to behold. Their unique wrestling personas (they could play heels as well as faces with relative ease) was unmissable. Fans just loved them as heels. Further, their distinctive mic skills coupled with years of experience in the WWE (and other promotions) made them a sight to behold.
  • Promos – Cutting promos effortlessly was another advantage that the MEM veterans enjoyed. Taking forward their skills from earlier stints, the MEM promos resonated with the fans. Evan opponents were intimidated easily. This was evident by their wins over a rival face stable called The TNA Frontline.
  • Ability to wrestle – Though from totally distinctive backgrounds and promotions, the MEM converged their wrestling skills and put on a show whenever they were together. This resulted in them winning all gold that TNA had to offer at that point in time. They even had a certain undefeated streak. If you remember the MEM had a change, after nearly a year, in the form of Samoa Joe joining in and replacing Sting. The latter eventually joined the “good guys” viz AJ Styles, Rhino, Team 3D, and Eric Young.
  • Storylines – The storylines were fresh and interesting. For example, the MEM had Sting replaced with Joe; Angle feuded with Sting. The entire storyline was well written and executed. Angle even became a multi-time TNA World Champion during his stint with the “Mafia”.
  • Future push – When the MEM eventually broke up in late 2009 – early 2010, the original members received a big push towards main event status. Most of them ended up with championships after their break-up from the promotion and its eventual dissolution.
  • Connect with the fans – The original MEM members were totally over with fans, despite acting as heels. Everytime they won, fans would cheer them on; even when they notched up victories over then babyfaces Styles, Joe, and Rhino. The MEM’s execution was almost precise and to the point. 

Hence, with TNA now rebranded as Impact Wrestling, a stable like the MEM is totally the need of the hour. With a lot of newer talent having come in to the promotion, all eyes are now on them.