Mumbai Indians make tournament history by becoming the first team to chase a 200-plus Total

Tim David smashed 45* off just 14 balls

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored the most incredible hundred for Rajasthan Royals against his private team, Mumbai Indians, in an IPL match meant to honor the past but instead offered a peek into the future. Additionally, it appeared for 35.4 overs that he would prevail.

T20 cricket, however, has the uniqueness that it is frequently determined by the player who does not spend a lot of time in the middle. Only 14 balls were thrown at Tim David. Nevertheless, he was still able to alter the course of history with that. 

At the Wankhede Stadium, a 200-plus total was successfully chased down for the first time in IPL history, and Tim David was instrumental in the effort. 

In the final over, he smacked three consecutive sixes off three consecutive full tosses from Jason Holder. The IPL must receive credit. It is adept at planning celebrations for one thousand years.

This league has 999 games under its belt and is now ingrained in Indian culture. As his career soars, the main character from the 1000th episode may very well attain a similar status. Jaiswal, 21, defied a slow pitch by scoring 124 off 62 balls with 16 fours and 8 sixes. The Royals’ subsequent-best effort was 18 off 19.

His century set a record for an uncapped Indian batter in the IPL and ranked second in men’s T20s for the second-highest proportion of runs that were scored as boundaries (90.32). Here is a list of the reasons it was amazing.

Both the variety and caliber of his shots. A Jofra Archer short ball was blasted cleanly out of the Wankhede by him. For a six over point, he reverse-swept Piyush Chawla. 

Riley Meredith was taken over by his scoop. With a cover drive, he reached fifty. Furthermore, his hundred was shot with a pull gun in front of square all over the ground.

Then there was the fact that every single one of them had been neatly struck on a surface that had damaged everyone else. 

90% of Rohit Sharma’s body was outside the line of the knuckle ball when it was thrown, maybe the Indian cricketer’s poster child for timing. In essence, this pitch and Sandeep Sharma tricked him into guiding one onto his stumps.

And ultimately, Jaiswal’s squad was in danger of losing the lead when most of his devastation took place. In their first seven overs, the Royals were 72 for zero. In the following four overs, they lost 3 for 31. 

It was painfully obvious that the designated batter would have to handle the acceleration as well as complete the entire inning. That entails a lot of accountability. especially considering Archer was a bowler that existed only once in a generation.

Jaiswal didn’t even blink, though. In the 109 runs the Royals have scored since the 12th over, he has scored 72. That amounts to 66% of a team’s runs during middle and death overs.

R. Ashwin had bowled 192 balls before this match at the IPL. He had only distributed seven sixes. He was hit for one as soon as Suryakumar Yadav sent him out to bat. He is that talented. He manages to turn extremely talented bowlers into merely average ones.

The thing that is really striking about Suryakumar is how much confidence he has and how he is never shaken, despite how awesome some of his shots are (in one over he scooped Jason Holder over the keeper for six and the next ball, an attempted yorker from around the wicket, he whipped it straight-bat through midwicket).

He just scored three first-ball ducks in a row, yet he continues to play the same way he always does. Cricket at epic danger. And he persuaded Wankhede to believe.

He was surrounded by supporters who cheered for Sachin, Rohit, Bumrah, Malinga, and all of them combined. The Royals began to worry all of a sudden.

At the auction, Sandeep was ignored by all ten teams. He was only added by the Royals after Prasidh Krishna, one of their top quicks, was forced to withdraw due to injury.

He joined the select group of bowlers who can tell their grandchildren that they defeated MS Dhoni in a chase’s penultimate over in his second game of the year. He needed an absolute rocket to eliminate Suryakumar in his eighth game on 55 off 29.

Sandeep had to travel 19 meters backwards after the short fine leg. He continued to stare up over his left shoulder. The ball appeared to be beating him even at that point. To get off the ground, he had to jump and then reach out with both hands. It was small-scale stuff.

The 18th over was at. He was just 11 off 6. The asking price for Mumbai was 16.6, which was in the nosebleed range. However, David batted as if the scoreboard were lying and they were in the lead.

In order to end the 18th over, he hit Boult for a four. He gave Sandeep a six as he entered the 19th. Panicked, the bowler gave up a wide and then narrowly missed his wide yorker, but that was still enough for one of the strongest players in the game to go under the ball and find the boundary.

Now that there were only 17 runs left in the game, the final over would be bowled by a player who was simply not up to the task. A new-ball weapon is Jason Holder. 

He lacks a capable yorker to do the job at the last moment. And to make matters worse, the dew had rolled in, making it challenging to hold the ball securely.

For the grandstand finish, David provided all that was needed. A man who is known for pulling victory from the jaws of defeat went 6, 6, 6, causing 27,000 people to lose their minds.