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Five Biggest Cricket Tournaments in The World

Headingley Cricket Stadium

Cricket is the most popular and sought-after game in the world of sports. The passion can be seen for the game as billions of people watch the tournaments around the world. Billions of dollars are invested by giant companies to sponsor the cricket tournaments. Many people gamble and play betting across the world on cricket matches. Let us explore the five biggest cricket tournaments.

ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup is the most prestigious and prominent cricket tournament across the globe. The tournament is held every four years and claims to be the biggest in the world. It is also the most-watched cricket tournament across the world. The ICC world cup is held in four stages, Super 8, Super 6, semifinals and final. Teams from the participant countries select their best players in their teams to win the cricket world cup.

T20 World Cup

Also called a Twenty-Twenty world cup, T20 is an important event that is popular after the ICC world cup. In this tournament, every inning comprises 20 overs which takes less time than a traditional 50 over an inning. The matches are made fast-paced and as exciting as possible. T20 cup was held for the first time in 2007 in India. Then it became popular across all nations organizing cricket tournaments.

Indian Premier League

Abbreviated as IPL, the Indian Premier League is another most popular sports event. Here the teams comprise players from different countries. Teams are a blend of Indian and popular international cricketers in a squad. The tournament is held for two months in summer that blends the game of cricket with glamour, glitz and glory.

The Ashes Series

The Ashes series is held between the two most strong cricket teams in Australia and England. Both the nations play the series to win a small urn every two years. The urn contains the bails that were burnt as a sign of the death of English cricket in the year 1882. The bails were burnt due to England’s first-ever defeat in the series against Australia. Since then the rivalry continued, and both the nations fought to win the Ashes series.

Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is a cricket tournament held among the Asian participants. The series was first held in 1984, by the Asian Cricket Council. It is the biggest cricket event in the Asian continent, and five nations participate in the tournament. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka are the participant nations in the Asia Cup. The tournament has been cancelled twice considering the political tensions between India and Pakistan.