Tisca Chopra unveils the cover of her new book

Tisca Chopra at the signing of her first book
Tisca Chopra at the signing of her first book “Acting Smart”

Tisca Chopra, Bollywood actress & author of her first book “Acting Smart”, unveiled the cover of her second book “What’s up with me” on March 14th 2021.

Actress posted a picture of her with the cover of her second book:

“Thrilled to unveil the cover of my latest book — a friendly, practical and empathetic guide for pre-teen girls and their parents.”

She also explained a bit about the book in the same post which said

“The book demystifies puberty and all the angst it brings, in a fun yet relatable way, while explaining the biology and science behind it all. Stay tuned for more information and insights from the book!”

Tisca’s first book “Acting Smart – Your ticket to showbiz” was published in 2014 & it was about hilarious anecdotes as well as sharp advice from some of the biggest names in cinema actors, agents, film-makers and casting directors. It was a knowledge sharing on how to take on the challenges of the mercurial quicksand of show business, but also a look into the working

of the creative maelstrom of the film industry. It received fairly good reviews from the critics & that, however, has motivated her to write her second book this year.

We wish all the best to Tisca with her new project.