Shilpa Shetty gives new fitness goals to Fitness freaks

workout with shilpa
Shilpa Shetty gives new fitness goals

It is not really simple to do Yoga & it is not definitely easy to do it in the correct manner. It is really important to have guidance or some expert advice for right postures. In Bollywood, the ebay guidance you can take is Shilpat Shetty, there is no doubt about that. This Monday, Shilpa Shetty took to social media & provided her guidance on the same. Leaving away our work day blues, Shilpa demonstrated the incorrect and correct forms of the Cycling Yoga flow or Pada Sanchalanasana to build core strength and abs that “packs in quite a punch” this Monday.

She posted a video on her Instagram handle, as her weekly routine, Shilpa guided her fans & provided an idea about how to do the workout correctly & make it effective at the same time. She worked out in her garden this morning wearing a peach-coloured spaghetti top teamed with a pair of purple printed tights and hair pulled back into a ponytail to ace the athleisure look, Shilpa lied down on a Yoga mat spread out on the grass and lifted her feet up.

“To get some movement into our routine, a lot of us end up doing exercises that look easy to do and have a good effect on the body (sic),”

Shilpa shared in the caption.

“However, while dedicating time to fitness is important, it is also very important to understand the technique and flow of each exercise for it to be fully effective. I’ve noticed a lot of people choosing the Cycling Yoga flow, or the Pada Sanchalanasana, to build core strength and abs. But, they seldom get the technique right. So, today while I practiced this flow, I decided to demonstrate the incorrect and correct forms too! (sic),”

she added.

Detailing the benefits of the exercise, the actor revealed,

“This asana strengthens abdominal and lower back muscles. It is good for the hip and knee joints. It also stimulates the digestive system and helps cure digestive troubles. When done right, this simple-looking asana packs in quite a punch. Have a great Monday (sic).”