Juande of the Kerala Blasters shows us how he plays football. Can you do the same? Pick up a signed jersey!

Show is your skill

Parimatch News, together with Kerala Blasters Football Club and Juan de Dios Prados, are ready to hold a contest for you. Do you often see Juande handling the ball on the football field? Can you do the same? Or maybe even better? Let’s put it to the test!

You can also listen to Juande, who will tell and show you how he knows how to play football.

Juande and Parimatch News

The terms of our contest are very simple:

  1. You need to register on ParimatchNews.com
  2. Make a video of how you are performing with a soccer ball, and say hello to Juande and Parimatch News.
  3. Upload the video to Instagram (IGTV or post), tag your two friends, and post hashtags #parimatchnews #keralablasters
  4. leave your Instagram nickname in the comments of this article.

On February 25th we will sum up the results of our contest together with Juande, in which we will give you jerseys signed by Kerala Blasters players.


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Cizen Wangel

24 Feb, 21:15