Dota 2: Muerta is here to take you on a trip down vengeance lane

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When Dota 2 announced the arrival of their new character on the eve of the Day of the Dead, the trailer declared a new hero in town. Released this year on March 7th, 2023, Muerta, the very personification of death, brings with her many an interesting arsenal that has the players excited for this long-awaited 124th Hero of the Dota 2 universe.

So what do we know about her and her abilities? Is she another Strength hero or a Carry hero? Here’s all you need to know about this hero from Mexican folklore!

Muerta: Backstory and Folklore

As is with every character in Dota 2, Muerta has an intriguing backstory that complements her theme. Her history is described as a woman, so consumed by hatred towards those who killed her that she refused to succumb to her death. Death, impressed with her unrelenting thirst for vengeance, bestowed upon her two guns that go by the name, Mercy and Grace empowers her to hunt for souls.

In Mexican folklore, Santa Muerte, the lady also known as “Our Lady of Holy Death” is a cult figure and deity that is also associated with healing, protection and safe passage to the afterlife. Often depicted as a skeletal figure, shrouded in robes, holding a scythe in one hand and a globe in the other, Santa Muerte’s origins reflect those of the Grim Reaper.

Here’s what the Dota 2 history behind the character has to say

There are as many stories about Muerta as there are graves in the Carrion Fields of Gorm. Some tell their children ghost stories of a young peasant girl who returned from the dead to punish the bandits who killed her family. Others, drunk in dark taverns, slur conspiracy theories about kidnappings and phantom guilds of killers.

One constant bleeds through every tale: of a woman so consumed by hate for those who killed her that she refused to die. And of Death, so impressed by whatever hate-filled engine that drove this woman that he gave her Mercy and Grace – twin ethereal pistols – and made her his second-in-command. Now she hunts down wayward souls whose last grains have tumbled from their hourglass and drags them kicking and screaming to their eternal reward.

Muerta’s Abilities

The upcoming hero in DOTA 2, Muerta

Assigned with the role of Carry, she has the unique ability to induce fear in units and attack ethereal forms. Her skill set consists of four abilities: Dead Shot, The Calling, Gunslinger, and Pierce the Veil. Check out a demo here.

#1 Dead Shot

The Dead Shot [Q], enables Muerta to fire a magical bullet at either an enemy unit or a tree, causing damage and slowing them down. The bullet then bounces off the target and moves towards a specific direction. As it bounces, it induces fear in all enemy units that it passes through, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Muerta’s Dead Shot ability works similarly to Marci’s Rebound ability, where the player selects a starting point and a direction to target. In the case of the Dead Shot, the first target hit by the magical bullet will suffer damage and slow down, while the second hit, which passes through units, instils “fear”.

#2 The Calling

Muerta’s second ability, The Calling [W], summons four revenants, which revolve slowly around a designated location. When enemies are within range of the revenants, their movement and attack speed slow down. Additionally, the revenants inflict damage and silence any enemy unit that passes through them.

The Calling works like the combination of the Warlock’s Upheaval and IO’s Spirits, providing an AoE slow that is fortified by the presence of revenants. If enemies attempt to move through the revenants, they will also be silenced.

#3 Gunslinger

The third ability is Gunslinger [E], which is the skill that grants Muerta a chance to shoot a second bullet at an additional enemy unit, with heroes taking priority over other units.

Gunslinger is undoubtedly Muerta’s most powerful ability, as it allows her to inflict significant damage. Resembling Medusa’s Multishot, it operates based on chance. At a 50% chance rate at level 4, it can prove to be incredibly deadly.

#4 Pierce The Veil

Muerta’s ultimate ability called Pierce the Veil [R] transforms her into a ghostly form that renders her immune to physical damage. In this state, all her attacks deal magical damage and she also gains a bonus for her attack damage. Additionally, she gains the ability to move through other units, known as a phased movement.

Pierce the Veil is a distinctive ability that sets Muerta apart from other carry heroes in Dota 2. While she possesses the capacity to deal substantial physical damage, her ultimate form allows her to become a hero capable of dealing significant magical damage. This makes Muerta a true hero that embodies the best of both worlds.

The Talent Tree

Muerta’s talent tree offers a variety of options for players to choose from, starting from level 10 to level 25.

At level 10, players must choose between a bonus of +8 Strength or an increase of +100 damage for Dead Shot. At level 15, players can choose between a bonus of +25 damage or an extension of +250 cast range for Dead Shot.

When players reach level 20, they must choose between The Calling ability summoning two additional revenants or having two additional charges for Dead Shot. Finally, at level 25, players must choose between a bonus of +25% magic resistance or an increase of +20% chance for Gunslinger to activate.

The Dead Reckoning Mini Game

Dead Reckoning mini-game sees Muerta send her opponents to an early grave. In this game mode, players will be assigned a specific target during every Dota match. Earning points or “Muerta’s Flowers” is possible through obtaining kills and assists. The player with the highest number of points/flowers earns double rewards in the game.

The Dead Reckoning mini-game is going to fuel the bloodthirst and avarice of players all because of a single incentive. The players with the most flowers/points now have a chance at exchanging them for Dead Reckoning Chests which lets you focus on kills and assists during the game.

What are the Dead Reckoning Chests?

Keys to unlock the chests are available at a cost

Inspired by the Día de Muertos/Day of the Dead theme, the Dead Reckoning Chests consist of items that are cool and creepy and can be added to your collection. It goes without saying, the pursuit of the chests cannot deter you from watching your back and becoming a target during the game.

The Patch 7.33 Update

As stated on the website, while the Dead Reckoning saw an update with a few overhauls, the patch 7.33 update will see the light of day by the end of April 2023.