Building and Raiding in a Post-Apocalyptic World: A Review of Meet Your Maker


Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind the wildly popular horror game Dead by Daylight, has ventured into a new gaming genre with Meet Your Maker, and the result is nothing short of impressive. The game boasts a unique post-apocalyptic world where the highly sought-after Genetic Material reigns supreme, and players must use their wits and innovation to acquire it.

Despite being a departure from their usual horror game fare, Behaviour Interactive’s years of development experience shine through in Meet Your Maker. The game is a masterclass in base-building games, with addictive gameplay that will keep players of all ages engaged for hours on end. The eerie and futuristic atmosphere feels like something straight out of a science fiction movie, adding to the game’s overall appeal.

In fact, Meet Your Maker is already a polished and innovative game that promises hours of entertainment. It’s a testament to Behaviour Interactive’s ability to not only create successful games in their niche but to expand their horizons and excel in other genres as well. 

Whether you’re a fan of base-building games or a newcomer to the genre, Meet Your Maker is worth checking out.

Storyline – Innovative Co-Op, Riotous Raiding & Building Outposts

Are you ready for an action-packed, sci-fi adventure that combines the best of DOOM’s combat and the creative genius of Mario Maker? Meet Your Maker is the game you’ve been waiting for!

In this game, you’ll take on the role of a daring raider armed with a variety of futuristic weaponry and tools like the grappling hook. Your mission? To raid other players’ outposts and collect valuable Genmat resources to build and upgrade your own base.

The raiding gameplay is fast-paced and challenging, as you’ll need to navigate through a maze of traps and guards to reach your goal. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on your mission – you’ll have the help of the adorably-designed Harvester, who will guide you through each level.

And the best part? The building component of the game allows you to use the Genmat resources you’ve collected to create your very own outpost. There are seemingly endless possibilities for how you can build your own Outpost, from the layout to the traps and guards you choose to include. 

You can spend hours exploring others’ Outposts, taking notes on their designs, and brainstorming ideas for your own. And just like in Mario Maker, you’ll experience that “aha!” moment when you see another player’s amazing Outpost and realize how you can incorporate their ideas into your build.

Seamless Gameplay And Gorgeous Graphics

The game offers a unique premise and exciting base-building aspects that redefine the genre. From the moment you step into the Sanctuary, you’ll be fully immersed in a world that looks and feels like a futuristic spaceship, complete with moving mechanical parts and strange aliens sitting in vats of goo.

Futuristic World of Stunning Graphics and Effortless Gameplay with Meet Your Maker

Once you venture out of the Sanctuary and into your first raid, the seamless gameplay and gorgeous graphics will make you feel like you’re in the game itself. The grappling hook, which is your main method of transportation, feels intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to zip around the map effortlessly. 

The raids are fast-paced and challenging, but with the grappling hook and other tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to navigate through traps and guards with ease. One of the most impressive aspects of Meet Your Maker is the ability for players to create Outposts that are not only challenging and fun but also visually stunning. 

With a sandbox nature, the game encourages players to be creative, resulting in Outposts that are not only well-designed but also works of art. It’s exciting to think about what the game’s most creative fans will come up with in the future.

While weapon upgrades may not feel as rewarding as they could be, the default loadout is efficient and interesting enough to keep you engaged. And with the potential for future improvements, Meet Your Maker promises to be a game that only gets better with time.

Lacking In Lore

Explore the unique storyline of Meet Your Maker which leaves one wanting for more

While Meet Your Maker is an incredibly fun and addictive game, it’s not without its flaws. One area where the game falls short is its lack of well-developed lore and backstory.

The game’s premise is certainly intriguing, with players taking on the role of a Custodian in a post-apocalyptic world where genetic material is necessary for survival. However, beyond this basic premise, the game doesn’t delve much deeper into the world and its history. While the advisors who provide upgrades may mention bits of their past or relationships with others, players are left with many questions about the context of their actions in the game. 

As a player, you couldn’t help but wonder about the world beyond the Sanctuary and the Custodian’s mission. While the gameplay itself is incredibly fun and addictive, the lack of a well-developed lore can leave you wondering about the bigger picture and the purpose of your actions in the game.

That being said, there is certainly potential for Meet Your Maker’s lore to expand over time. As we’ve seen with other games like Dead By Daylight, developers have the ability to adopt a proactive approach to expanding the game’s lore and backstory. 

With its unique premise and addictive gameplay, Meet Your Maker certainly has the potential to become a beloved game with a thriving community of fans. And with the addition of more well-developed lore and backstory, the game could become even more engaging and immersive.


As Behaviour’s first base-building game, Meet Your Maker certainly shows promise, offering players an engaging and immersive experience. While the game could benefit from more well-developed lore and characters, the innovative gameplay and gorgeous graphics make up for any shortcomings in this area.

Overall, Meet Your Maker is a game that’s easy to sink hours into, with endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. It’s exciting to think about the potential for the game’s community to continue to grow and thrive, creating even more imaginative Outposts and raiding experiences. With its unique premise and addictive gameplay, Meet Your Maker is definitely a game to watch for any base-building or sci-fi enthusiast.